Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Somedays you just need a good laugh

Life just isn't fair

"Daddy gets to be outside and I'm stuck in here!"
"I don't care if its only 50 degrees. Oh, I'm so upset. I need a few tissues."
"Ahh, finally I get my way! Now if only I could be pushing that lawn mower with him!"

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy days are for...

making huge messes
and catching up with Elmo

Happy 2nd Birthday Dillon!

This past weekend, we traveled to Lulenburg, MA to celebrate Dillon's 2nd birthday!
Hooray - there's the birthday boy!
Nicholas loved exploring Dillon's yard with him - and found it an excellent place for airplane watching.
Dillon's Grandpa Ryan loves balloons and filled the house for this special occasion. The boys were wild for them.
They also started their own band...
"2 Boys, 2 Drum Sticks & A Metal Handrail"

The crowd went wild for the performances!
Aunt Angela made an awesome cake for the special birthday boy.
Dillon orchestrated the singing of the birthday song - not just once, but twice. Maybe this will become a family tradition - we sing and blow out the candle the number of years you're turning. From the sounds of the family's singing, we could use the extra practice!
He loved his fishing pole from Grandma & Grandpa Santore.
He's a natural, just like Grandpa.

And perfected his slam dunks with the "basketball OOOP" from Grandma & Grandpa Ryan.
After so much partying, Nicholas was tuckered-out as soon as we hit the highway. Thank goodness I caught this shot, since it only lasted about an hour. Any other picture from the remainder of the 6 hours in the car would not have been so 'peaceful.'
Since we know Dillon is the biggest fan of the "Nic-O-las" blog, he will be thrilled to see his moment of glory - as many times as he'd like!
We love you Dillon - Best wishes for another fantastically fun year!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday!

~ first time wearing shorts ~
~ smooching with Daddy ~
~ working those ab muscles ~

Shopping Makes You Hungry!

In Mommy's effort to transition from my 10:00 siesta to a long mid-day nap, she dragged me all around garage sale shopping this morning. The best part had to be our lunch date!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Milestones at the Parkway

1. I got over my fear of the bouncy bridge and now even bounce myself on it
2. I realized I need to stick with the little kids' slide, after a rather jarring thump to the head when going down the big kids' slide by myself.
(but I'll certainly be king of this slide until I'm over 4 feet tall!)
3. I kissed another girl, Kalie
4. And pushed Ava through the tunnel - her going forward and me going backwards. Now that took coordination on our parts! Did I mention all this was done while I held my sippy cup between my teeth.
See all you can accomplish by playing at the park for over 2 1/2 hours this afternoon!
Boy was I pooped (and incredibly dirty) when we got home!

Perfect Day for a Picnic

I just want to be outside all the time now!
My tantrum at the door when we got home from work yesterday pressed the right button with Mommy - she brought our lunch out to my table!

Boy was it a nice afternoon - that is, until we felt raindrops and the tantrum began all over when we had to run in the house!

Did I hear a neigh at the zoo?

Earlier this week, we made a quick visit to the zoo. Nicholas was really more interested in the farm animals there. He got up close and personal with the ponies (I guess he didn't understand the sign I read to him that said ponies don't know the difference between french fries and fingers.) He was obsessed with sticking his finger in the fence. (thankfully we left with all 10 intact!)
After exhausting himself from running between the elephants, the barn and the ponies, he was ready to get in the stroller. As we were leaving, 3 peacocks threw up their feathers and gave us a beautiful show. Someone thought it was more of a comedy performance.

With his energy back, Aunt Elaine chased him around the front of the zoo and explored the stairs that went nowhere.

Gosh Aunt Elaine, I hope you don't have a back ache from all that chasing, but it was sure fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Already appreciating a clean vehicle...

Nicholas knew just what Daddy needed to clean the bike (even finding him a sponge and towel from the garage all on his own) and wanted to be his assistant washer.
~ too cute! ~

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank goodness I'm a good boy!

Daddy's version of "watching" Nicholas in the morning when Mommy gets ready.
(Daddy, did you even know this picture was taken?)
Nicholas loves to watch a little Sesame Street while snacking on cereal and his morning milk. He's been obsessed with having his hooded froggy towel with him all morning - oh yeah, and Bunny too!

Off to the ENT

With so many painful ear infections and fluid-filled ears over the past 5 months, we decided it was time to see an ENT. Nicholas was all excited to sit in the "big boy chair" and practiced his kiss blowing to schmooze the doctor.

He was devastated we didn't stop at the fountain before the appointment, so afterwards we spent some time there. Needless to say, this is the best picture I could get - he was mesmerized by it all. See, I wasn't exaggerating!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Today we celebrated Anthony's 9th birthday with Daddy's side of the family. I had so many highlights with the time at my cousins' house in Tully. Collecting giant pine cones ranked at the top. We don't have those around our house!
I spent the day chasing all the big kids. I thought they were in the garage, "wa go?" (interpretation - "where did they go?" Don't you just love the hand out!)
Great Grandmother was our guest of honor. She was so happy to be with the family and it was so nice to see her doing so well.
I pushed the coupe all around the yard (super fun)
My buddy, cousin Vincent even helped me too!
The best part was when Vincent pushed me in the car. Oh yeah, did I mention he gave me a banana sucker too!
We all laughed when Daddy got spit-up on by Gabby. Its a running theme when we visit Tully.
The topper is, the birthday boy was having so much fun at his party, we never got a picture of him. He didn't even want to stop playing for everyone to sing to him! I guess it all about being 9 now!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day early

What a fun day we had outside! Nicholas has really found his glory with exploring the great outdoors. We talked about all the plants we will hopefully (fingers crossed) see budding soon.
- lots of fun on his playset -
"Hey, look at that helicopter up there!"
Nicholas is now saying his own version of helicopter and roamed the yard pouting for nearly 10 minutes when it was out of sight.
Thank goodness those 10 minutes passed - back to having fun!
We set-up his sand table and picnic bench. He loved it - seemed to know it was just for him!
"Excuse me, this umbrella is interfering with my plane and helicopter watching!"
Nicholas also helped Daddy expand the rock bed to cover where our future deck will be. What a helper (and good kisser) he is!

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's A Guy Thing

Daddy took his bike out this week for the first time of the season (yes, spring is really here!). Nicholas is already very interested in it - the obnoxiously loud noise and loves to touch it when we walk through the garage.
Gee Daddy, back in the day, that bike would have been washed and waxed by March - what's changed?
This week last year, someone was more interested in sucking on his hand.

Flashback Friday!

This week last year was my special Baptism Day. Can you believe Mommy got away with putting me in a gown?
So many of my family came for the big day.
Dillon and I had loads of fun with Grandma and Grandpa's Radio Flyer wagon. I certainly wouldn't fit in there today!
Dillon pushed me all over the house. Look how hard he was working (surely he slept good that night!)
- cousins have fun -
This one is especially for my favorite Uncle Jim - I know how much he looks forward to Flashback Fridays!