Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Memories

This is a super-long compilation of December videos. Surely, only parents and grandparents have the patience for it!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Much Needed Haircut

Nicholas has been well-overdue for a haircut, and not just a trim that Mommy is (somewhat) capable of doing. Thank goodness for professionals!

We promised him a sucker there, which always does the trick.

Would you say he's wondering, "gosh, what are they doing to that kid?"

I seriously think every picture of every haircut he has had looks the same. He's sooooo serious in the chair - but this clip shows his true feelings of the deal.
Did you catch his response to the spray? That's my boy!!!
(sorry, Mommy's camera battery then died)

Perfect Height Now

Christmas Randoms

The cousin's table at Christmas eve (minus the ones Gammy cut out - sorry Lance & Sara).

goof balls!

These two are looking less and less alike these days...

...but will always love each other!

My Giada, what long, skinny legs you have!

On Saturday night, we went back to Oswego to see cousins Max and Collin from PA.

We attempted a picture of all the little ones, which became the entertainment of the night.
(yes, Nicholas is nearly falling over from exhaustion. We had been out and about all day, with no nap, once again!)

Need a little Dinosaur!

We snuck in a trip to Dinosaur BBQ last week. Let's just say Nicholas enjoyed his meal comprised entirely of fried catfish and french fries!

Christmas with the Godlewski's

Recently, Daddy was reunited with his biological father, who we've always referred to as "Big Fred." This weekend, we celebrated Christmas with the Godlewski's. Nicholas had a blast running around with his older cousins and got to spend more time with Grandpa and Grandma G.
(now we know where the curls come from)

Daddy, fly your plane!"

Daddy's not the only one enjoying his mini RC heli.
Nicholas demands, "Daddy, fly your plane!"

Unfortunately its tiny battery is only good for a couple minutes of flight time, so we frequently experiences tantrums when the show is over.

Bowling with Poppie!

With Dillon in town, Poppie couldn't wait any longer to introduce the boys to his favorite sport, bowling! The highlight for the little ones was definitely the ball returner.

As soon as they rolled their ball, they ran back to the returner - who cares about watching the pins fall!

Nicholas made up a little celebration dance - truly adorable!

Dillon liked to make sure everyone was watching his turn.

High five, cous!
Hmmm, I'd like my ball to go that way.

Nicholas found it lucky to lay down as he waited for his ball to roll down the lane.
What a nut!

What a fun night!
Thanks Poppie & Gammy!

Christmas Afternoon

We went over to Gammy and Poppie's in the afternoon to celebrate with The Ryans, Aunt Elaine and Uncle John. Nicholas quickly figured-out his camera from his grandparents - all except for how to take a picture of someone other than himself!
Aunt Elaine gave Poppie a beautiful album of childhood pictures and scanned the entire family heirloom of photos onto a CD slideshow for everyone. What a priceless gift we will all treasure!
Nicholas and Dillon got coordinating dinosaur PJ's & slippers from Aunt Elaine and Uncle John. Nicholas has worn his the last two nights and refused to change out of his dinosaur shirt today. I'd say he likes them!

Dillon was excited for his MagnaDoodle!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally, Christmas Morning!

After a very late Christmas eve, Nicholas gave Mommy her first present by sleeping in until 9:00!
We all came downstairs to find Santa brought us a new coffee table!

Nicholas was super excited!

He screeched, "oooo, a train table!"

Second on his excitement scale was his own toolbox filled with goodies and marshmallows. Nothing like marshmallows for breakfast!

Our detail boy examined every sign and inch of his trainset.

Even Zoey scouted the loot for something for her!

Nicholas loved his 2008 ornament...

it even"moo's" when you open the barn doors -just like the one Mommy had when she was little!

The snowman nightlight was a huge hit!

Daddy appreciated his scrapbook calendar - filled with all our family's important dates for 2009.

A few presents later, a horrible snowstorm hit trainland, courtesy of Nicholas.

We had a nice relaxing morning, with plenty of time for playing.

Nicholas quickly figured out his digital keychain.

Santa even brought a "replacement" Puppy.
Can you guess which one is the original and which is well-loved?

Daddy got a beer cookbook. He's already bookmarked a bunch of recipes, so we'll be sure to keep you posted on his new creations.

Nicholas adored his scrapbook made just for him.
I love it because he can read it to me!
~ Our Christmas memories ~

Christmas Eve at the Talamo's

Gammy's side of the family always gets together on Christmas Eve.
Little Dominic was looking particularly dapper for the occasion in his vest and shiny pants.

Uncle Charlie held the newest addition to the family - Baby Giada.

My son couldn't get enough of Aunt Sue's snack mix, of course.

He played Jingle Bells and busted out his moves for everyone.

Hmmm, Mommy's boys back at the snacks.

Nicholas loved a new tree to explore. He pointed out all the decorations (and re-arranged a bit, as needed).

Dillon and Nicholas were mischievous in a little secret hiding spot.

Trouble is brewing...

(yeah, this is about when the 10+ foot tree started rocking)

Nicholas pulled Gammy into his secret spot to play the "I Spy" game.
The boys entertained themselves making faces between the spindles (and swinging a few decorations around).
(notice again Nicholas has squeezed himself in an area that should be off limits)

Here's the cousin's kiddos (minus Collin and Max).
Dominic (16 mon), Giada (3 weeks), Ciara (10), Dillon (32 mon), Nicholas (26 mon)
Yes, there were plenty of presents to go around, but at 9:00pm with an exhausted little one, we were making every attempt to make it through without a meltdown.