Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rocket Launch

I just love Nicholas' reaction to the first launch as to where the rocket will go.

Geez Daddy, maybe next time we'll need an even bigger rocket set to send it to the ocean!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Babe

9 1/2 weeks old

Nicholas' First Rocket!

Daddy came home with a huge surprise for Nicholas - his first rocket set!
(For those who have not seem Nicholas in the past 2 weeks - he's completely obsessed with the space shuttle launch and talks about "the rocket ship that has rocket boosters that separate off, the launch pad, astronauts, fixing satellites in space..." He begs to watch the recorded footage of the NASA launch time and time again. Just don't bring up the countdown - he gets really upset when we count backwards!)

Of course Daddy chose a real rocket set, so we had to go to the park to launch the thing. Daddy explained all the parts and steps of set-up - while Nicholas soaked it in like a sponge!

~ final preps before our first launch ~

As expected with anything Daddy does, that rocket when super high in the sky and landed "far far away" as Nicholas would say.

William patiently watched his future unfold before his 2-month-old eyes.

In preparation for launch #2, Nicholas recalled many of the steps to prepare the rocket. He helped Daddy insert the igniter.

Daddy also launched a super fast rocket and had to rescue it from the soupy mud - it basically impaled the ground!

I explained to William he could always hang out and knit with Mommy if rockets don't thrill him. I'd say he seems interested from his response, hun?

Big smiles from a very happy boy, all thanks to his super fun Dadoo!

Baby Playdate

While Sue got the "pleasure" of changing the older kids out of their swim wear, I really made out on the deal with getting baby duty! William was all smiles as Erica was making his seat bounce.

My happy boy!

Erica is always full of smiles too!

These two were so cute checking each other out. Someday they will be the best of playmates.

Alexa's Baptism

Sunday we celebrated Alexa's Baptism. This was especially special to me, since I was chosen as her godmother. She woke up in a beautiful mood, just in time to get ready for her spotlight event!

Of course, there's always time to play with Ayla, who she loves so much.

Alexa's gown was made from Alya's flower girl dress from Jodi & Rob's wedding. It turned out gorgeous!

Alexa was so adorable showing off all her latest tricks in her diaper.

What an angel, sitting with her Mommy!

The proud parents!

I had a blast making the cake and getting to use the pink hues of my food coloring set (finally!).

Back at the party, William once again loved Alexa sharing her toys.

Alexa must have known that cake was made especially for her, since she dove into it!

Daddy and his baby William enjoying the shade...

while Nicholas was a bouncing maniac in the bounce house! He's still talking about this 3 days later!

Given it was such a hot day, nearly all the kids were in the pool the entire afternoon. Not my boy though - he basically had the house to himself (and loved every minute of it!). At one point, there were adorable twin girls in the bounce house with Nicholas. Daddy prompted Nicholas to use his new line,

"hello, ladies!"
all while flexing his muscles.

Cross that off the list...

Saturday we got a whole bunch of stuff done - including a long-overdue trip for breakfast...

and running errands with 2 vehicles. Nicholas waited so patiently in "big truck" at the redemption center.

William was one happy boy as Mommy worked on Alexa's cake.

The Shirt Says It All!

Seriously, when is my next feeding?

Tummy Time

Will enjoying tummy time as Mommy folds clothes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special Day with Grammy

Today Grammy came to spend the day with us! Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for outdoor fun, so we headed to "the big mall." To Nicholas, riding the escalators and elevators is more exciting as the fair midway! My little geek-in-training picked out a book about the space shuttle at Borders. We also enjoyed lunch at the food court and Nicholas took a nice ride on the carousel with Grammy.

All good things eventually come to an end. When we got home, William surprised Grammy with a minor poop explosion (seriously, I heard this one from the other end of the house!).

Ohh, and spit-up too - my poor boy!

Grammy needed a clothing change after that one!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Baby is 2 Months Old!

Where has time gone!
William is now a whopping 14 pounds 6 ounces - full of smiles, coos and looking more and more like Mommy did as a baby (even according to Grammy!). His jaundice has cleared a lot over the past month and his eye lashes are now long enough to curl nicely. He's established a buzz of hair on top of his head where he had lost his locks a couples weeks after birth.
William discovered a new friend - the ceiling fan (although it remains second to his swing). He's more and more aware of big brother and tolerates nearly anything Nicholas does - even repeatedly kissing his feet. We seem to have somewhat of a routine down between feedings and naps. William wakes between 6:30 and 7:30'ish and is very alert until around 8:30/9'ish when he goes down for a morning nap. He slumbers for nearly 2 hours in the morning and afternoon and takes a brief catnap in the evening. His "witching" hour comes on around 7pm and we try to be down for the night by 9. William eats 8-9 times a day - and is definitely getting enough to thrive!
loving the outdoors

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Moe's!

We just love hitting Moe's for kid's night! Nicholas (and Daddy) look forward to seeing Jeff the magician/fastest poodle balloon sculptor...
William catches his brief evening snooze...

and Mommy doesn't have to think about dinner plans!

Baby Playtime

William just loves the playmat! He's batting at things and always has big smiles for Mommy.

Baby Steps

Monday evening we put William down in bed (still in our bedroom)...and stared at him on the monitor for 2 hours until we went to bed.
Don't worry Aunt Angela, the bassinet will be on its way to MA!