Monday, September 29, 2008

Curious Nicholas!

Nicholas is absolutely obsessed with Curious George. He loves to be read the super long books, time and time again. Gammy brought Nicholas a new George book this weekend - Curious George Makes Pancakes. After reading it twice by 9am today, Nicholas could only talk about pancakes, so when I asked him if he wanted pancakes for breakfast, he ecstatically said, "Oh, sure! Yes, yes, pancakes!"
He found the whole egg cracking process very intriguing, and loved dipping another egg in the mixture.

He nearly ate his entire 2 pancakes!
And even had to refer to the book a few times during the meal.

What Fun!

We had a really fun and busy weekend. It was packed with lots of time in the car, Nicholas constantly asking about Gammy and Gampie after our day with them, lack of adequate nap time and even a delicious meal at the Cheesecake Factory. Nicholas was really excited about his own appetizer platter of little breads and banana slices provided by our waitress.
We also checked out some really cool BIG TRUCKS! Nicholas was pumped during his first bus ride to the event.
It was really neat to be in the quarry, despite the rain.
The boys checked out all the details in the firetruck...
Nicholas went in an ambulance...
But one of his favorites was ringing the bell on the firetruck!
He was so bummed to have to get pulled away!
You know this boy just loves "tacters."
He was in his glory!


This guy loves his Daddy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Need for a Height Advantage

For the longest time, Nicholas has been pushing this wooden stool all over the house. He'd get super frustrated when it would get stuck going over thresholds. Now he's come up with a solution!

Makin' Kool-Aid

This afternoon, Nicholas found a random Kool-Aid packet from the lazy susan. His response, "juice, juice, juice!" Honestly, he has never seen a Kool-Aid package in this home....and how did he possibly know it was to be made into a beverage??? With such excitement and insistence, I gave in to his request. Nicholas used his very accurate scooping and dumping skills to measure the sugar and even knew we had to rip open the packet. The real fun started at the fridge water dispenser (or at least when Mommy got to the camera).
He added ice...

and water...

stirred it all up...

"Ahhh, yummy!" he said.
You should have seen the bright red ring around his mouth from the glass!
Once in the tub, I also found a red streak down his forearm, up his arm and all the way down his side - talk about a drip!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Sound Sleeper

Last night around 3am we were awoken to the most noxious noise ever heard. After struggling to orientate ourselves, figure out where it was coming from and what it could have possibly been, we realized Nicholas must have set the alarm on the clock radio in his room (since now he carries his stool everywhere to get into all things he shouldn't). Daddy was sent to fix the problem, but he couldn't find the shut-off button, so he had to unplug the clock and left it in the hallway. We awoke this morning to Nicholas yelling "mouf!" (mouse) for his Little Mouse book on CD. Would you believe he slept through the entire event!

"Me Drive"

Nicholas just loves to drive the car! He gets really pushy to get himself in the front seat at any opportunity he has.

He knows all the buttons to press and says "meeee drive! Ooooo buttons."
Today was perfect, since I jumped in the passenger seat and read the paper & mail as he practiced his wheel skills.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ketchup Shots!

After our busy afternoon, we grabbed a quick bite with Gammy. Nicholas just loves his "dip dip"
so much he was even doing double-fisted shots of it!

Pickin' with Gammy

Today we took a road trip to go apple and pumpkin picking with Gammy! Nicholas picked out a yellow wagon to collect our goods - and give him a little height advantage at the trees.
The crops were beautiful...and tasty too, as our picker determined.
He kept saying, "pull, pull" to get the apples. Noticed he didn't take Gammy's advice to use two hands, which would mean he'd have to put down his apple!
~ a little break for a tickle fest with some field grass ~
We came down a row of apple trees and saw the farm's barn. Nicholas immediately wanted to get out of the wagon - surely to go explore and check out the John Deere "tacter."
We met the sheep and a very noisy pig at the farm.
~ Running down an aisle with a prized apple! ~
On our way out, there was barely room for Nicholas in the wagon with all our treasures!

Cool Water Play

Yesterday we were out enjoying the nice afternoon when Nicholas wanted new water in the water table. It started out okay, with him holding the hose.
Soon after, he got a little wet...
and a little more...
until he was completely soaked...
but loved every minute of it
(including getting into the sandbox with super soaked clothes on!)
Let's just say he ended up having a "shower" in the sink with the spray nozzle - I was too afraid to attempt to bring the wet sandy mess all the way upstairs.

Our Interior Decorator

...has been adding his latest touches around the house.

Daddy's Electronics Apprentice

Nicholas seems naturally drawn to all types of electronics (including lights, fans, computers, speakers, phones, audio electronics - must I go on). He watched Daddy very attentively while he was dusting out his machine. He loves to hear about all the components - just like a mini apprentice!
He is such a clone of his father!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hand Over the Funnies!

Nicholas gets just as excited about the Sunday paper as Mommy. He loves the characters in the funnies

and points out all the "doggies" and "kitty cats."
This is serious stuff!
Glad Daddy captured a smile from our little guy who's been a bit under the weather.

A New Throne for Our King

Nicholas was really interested in the uniquely shaped package that came for him while he was napping. With not feeling well, he's been very cuddly and carrying Puppy around. He brought Puppy and a book over to sit on the box.
He was much more interested in the box than what came out of it!
Daddy made all the adjustments,
and we hit the road in style.
Our little crocodile hunter!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Flashback!

Nicholas loved standing at his Leap Frog table.
~ gigling at the animals at the zoo ~

Lights On, Lights Off

This afternoon we went to see Dr. Burghardt for a re-check on Nicholas' ears. I was anxious to get the report, since he loves to "swim" in the tub and he's been battling some cold-like symptoms the last 2 days. During our 1-hour wait in the little room, out lights were flashing on and off after Nicholas rearranged the furniture to reach the switch. Good news - ears look great! His bright blue tubes are still doing their job.
Later, we went to Gammy & Gampa's house for dinner. After catching me turn on the light with the dangling balls, Nicholas was hooked!
Perfect location - right next to his office!
Gampa is so good about disconnecting the phone for his grandboys.
As Nicholas teethed on a raw carrot, Gammy took a turn reading him his favorite George book.
(After the 50 pages loaded with text, I think she now realizes why I've been on a massive hunt for simple George board books. Thank goodness his birthday is coming soon.)