Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 4-Months Old

William is developing beautifully. He is such a happy baby and just full of life. He's incredibly alert and doesn't miss a beat. He watches all the antics of his big brother and just beams with intrigue. When William gets fussy, he's usually soothed with engaging eye contact. Once he gets your attention, he just lights up and coos as if carrying on a conversation with you.

This month we've introduced the doorway jumper and the exersaucer - both of which he loves. Tummy time is more enjoyed now and he's getting close to making his first rollover.

William has found his tongue and is exploring with it to make some adorable expressions and new sounds. He also pays particular attention to all we do with our tongues, especially when it comes to eating. Watching someone eat, William starts smacking his lips and moving his tongue - he's definitely interested in eating something new!

William is up over 18 pounds a touch more than 27 inches long. He blew through his 6 month clothes and is comfortably in 6-12 month stuff (which truthfully fits him perfectly now).

Unfortunately, our nights this month have been challenging, to say the least. We were so relieved that our bedtime routine became more established, smoother and earlier (usually down between 8 - 8:30), however this little munchkin then would wake often every 45-60 minutes and would want to be soothed back to sleep (often all night long like this). We tried a sound machine, supplemented bottles, placing him on his side and belly, swaddler on/swaddler off, blasting a lullaby CD... and way too much reading of the old baby books for advice. To no avail, we're moving on to introduce rice cereal!

Once in the highchair, William loved slapping his hand on the tray....
Where's the good stuff, mama!

After gulping down plenty of cereal, this guy was plump and happy!

Where's Nicholas?

We seem to be experiencing some regression issues.
He told me, "Turn off the hallway light and close the door. I need to go to sleep and get my rest in my bed."
William really needs to lay his ground in his room.
He will be moving in soon

Tales of Preschool

Day 3
After a brief strike to avoid getting out of the car, Nicholas made a beautiful transition once in his classroom. We've been impressed with all he's shared over the weekend, just after being there an hour and a half last week. He seems intrigued with the twin girls in his class and always includes they were both wearing polk-a-dotted shirts. We're still working on his pronunciation of his teacher's name....Mrs. Spink comes out as "Mrs. Dink."
When I picked him up today, he was beaming with a picture he made. He told me he made it with "dot paints...I used blue and a little bit of orange....my puppy has a dog bone and a collar....he's happy." He even asked me to carry his backpack so he could hold his picture carefully. The hot topic then turned to snack...and a girl named Kayla....hmmmmm, we'll see where this goes!

Apple Pickin'

Nicholas has been looking forward to our annual trip to the apple orchard with Grammy!

He got right to pickin' business.

Let's just say there was plenty of apple tasting. I believe Grammy repeated "do not bite into another apple!" a million times.
Will enjoyed the bumpy ride of the wagon.

Happy pickers!
After needing to call the orchard owner from the field to get directions to the pumpkin patch (could I make that up!) we found the pumpkins to be sparse...but the adventure was one to remember.
This little guy sure loves spending time with his Grammy!
Thanks Grammy for the wonderful afternoon!

The Parkway

It's been a while since we've made it to OLP. Nicholas showed a whole new side - that of master climber and dare devil.

He watched a skateboarder for nearly an hour - in pure amazement.

Such a Little Flirt

"I gotta email my Grammy"

With Grammy back at work, Nicholas isn't able to pick up the phone and call her whenever he wants these days. After being reminded of this, he comes back with "Well, I gotta email my Grammy!"

Gosh, they pick up fast!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Found My Tongue!


Yup, to this Mommy's surprise there's homework for nursery school these days!
For the "red wall" Nicholas got all excited to paint a giant apple (even though he insisted he needed green paint for the leaf).

We've been so busy this summer, we haven't done much crafting. It's clear Nicholas has missed his creative outlet. After painting he told me he needed "more and more decorations...and glue."

Popping Into School

Nicholas' teacher sure knew how to get this boy's attention with her "Look Who's Popping In" board. He's talked about the "giant popcorns at school" ever since the first day!
(Gotta love how he holds his "solid rocket boosters" on his astronaut backpack!)


One happy boy in a cozy outfit from Grammy!

Oh, the Imagination...

Imagine the family is eating a nice dinner, when your corn phone rings.
Little did we know this would happen to us!

I sure hope this is not considered a long-distance call!

Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff!!!

Off to Nursery School!

September 15th
The big day has finally come!
Nicholas was obviously excited, since he was awake before 7 (still holding out for a bus). I love the action shot of donning the backpack...

As I'm trying not to get choked up taking my once baby off for his first school experience, his innocence and playful sense of humor ensures me he's going to love school. This is his latest pose - as he yells, "Kachow!!!"

He loves running up the ramp, but this day, he took it a lot more cautious than usual.

He looks so grown up!

Just outside the school, my little guy suddenly transformed into full shyness, begging me "I want to go home."

In the end, Nicholas did wonderful at the "Meet the Teacher" day. He went over to explore the toys on his own while his teacher, Mrs. Spink presented to the parents. He found his cubby and blue crayon coat hook...as well as the teacher's art supplies (including scissors) that seemed to really spark his interest. Once back in the car, he said, "Now we can go get a special treat, like a donut from Dunkin Donuts."

After explaining to him we will not be getting a donut after school everyday (just because we pass a DD) - I couldn't turn down that request!

That afternoon, my playful, happy boy was back - in full gear!

He loves doing blastoffs of his "Space shuttle Discovery tire swing."

We all had a nice afternoon enjoying the sunshine of this gorgeous fall day.

In the morning, I found Nicholas had put the doll in William's exersaucer. After reviewing the Scholastic book order, he apparently thought to share his reading material with her.

While Daddy's Away...

Mondays are always long days for us, given Daddy's night class. They usual require some creative play schemes and a good activity to wear the boys out for a smooth bedtime. This week, Nicholas and I made an elaborate miniature golf course in the family room (inspired by Curious George, but of course).

The disposable cups were our holes. Nicholas was very proud of his many "holes in one" on this course.

That night, we had the run of the bounce house - what fun!