Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dinner with the Ronald McDonald House

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
Mother Theresa
On Sunday February 17th, Team William provided a mid-winter BBQ for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of CNY.  For the past three years, our family has been fortunate to have the offerings of the RMDH program.  From our very first trip to Sloan-Kettering in December 2009 as a family still overwhelmed by the new diagnosis of  a baby with cancer through the present time as we continue to travel for medical treatment, RMDH's have welcomed us with open arms. 
All our efforts combined to create a lovely (and may I say delicious!) night for the many families currently in need of our community’s House. Using each of our skills, we came together and were able to accomplish something beautiful.
Dad grilling up the sausage. 
~ a busy kitchen ~
The kitchen crew!
My friend Rosanne brought lovely table decorations and candy.
I got in a little crafting fix by making food labels.
There were many kids staying at the house, including siblings of children in the local hospitals.  They appreciated the playdough, cookie cutters and craft sets that Nicholas and William picked out.
Nicholas was so excited when he found these foam airplane crafts. He was certain it was what he wanted to bring for the RHMD kid. 
 William and his playdough materpieces!
In all, I know how fortunate we are to have the support of those who continue to extend thoughtfulness to us.  We have many close friends and family members who I know wholeheartedly would do anything to make the boys and I smile.  Beyond my silly homemade thank you notes, I am often reeling with the wanting to give back to the same people who are so supportive of us.
Time and time again, I find myself at a loss as to how to accomplish that.
Without knowing a way to give something of thanks for those who help me, I will in turn give back to those who I know how to be helpful to.
This small gesture was truly made possible by those who came out to help, those who supported the effort AND those who have supported my family.   Without this flow of energy, giving and gratitude, this would not have been made possible. 

The evening of the meal coincidentally marked the 3-year anniversary of our stay at the RHMD is NYC for William’s major tumor surgery.  Having a welcoming home at a reasonable cost for over 4 consecutive weeks while William was hospitalized was invaluable to our family during those difficult days.  It truly meant a lot to be able to give back on a time of year that is so meaningful to us.