Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Big Oooops!

November 26th
We love Rice Chex cereal in this house.  Apparently, William doesn't share the same degree of admiration...
since he managed to dump a nearly full box out with one simple flip of the wrist...nicely followed by some stomps for an effective crushing effect.
Nicholas was nearly devastated and yelled, "Oh no...I need to get picking all this up and fit it back in the box...what will we have to eat tomorrow?  Oh no, there are lots of pieces broken!"
Afterwards, William seems hardly amused in his accomplishment.  Imagine that!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love 'em both!

With all four grandkids together for the first time in months, Grammy and Poppie insisted on getting an updated picture of them and the kiddos. 

Everyone's looking spiffy here...

but there's just something about this shot that captures some real personality!

TV Stoned

TV Stoned
Definition:  Completely deaf and blind to everything but your favorite show on television
...a condition that even affects 4-year olds

Nothing is greater in life...

than letting kids be kids!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Poppie

November 6th

This is one special Poppie. 

He has a unique, genuine bond with each one of his four grandkids...
he knows all their little likes, dislikes, what soothes each and how to have a whole lot of fun with them.

William feels comforted with Poppie's skin and little Evey, well, she just adores her Poppie too.
I love, love, love this picture - it encaptures the essence of one amazing man!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Big Boys

Aunt Angela, Dillon and Evey came to town this past weekend to join in our celebration of Nicholas' 4th birthday.  Despite our rough beginning on Thursday when we abruptly realized the Birthday Boy had a stomach bug, we all enjoyed the remainder of the weekend together.  Angela captured some great images of these two live-wires and I've enjoyed experimenting with some post-editing effects, thanks to a Lightroom crash-course by Ange before she left town.

These shots really embody Nicholas' latest phrase, "My cousin Dillon is my best cousin friend."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Exploring the YMCA

November 3
A few weeks ago, we joined the YMCA through their Livestrong Program.  The boys are each enrolled in a class - William in Caterpillars and Nicholas in Gym & Swim.  This week was their first classes.  William had a ball trotting around the gym exploring the Cozy Coupes, giggling while dunking basketballs and just being around other tots his age.

I have to say, I couldn't be prouder of Nicholas.  I was a bit leery entering the experience after our not-so-successful previous experiences with independent sport lessons.  He transitioned beautifully, attended well and participated in all the activities.   They started with some basic stretches, ran a few laps around the gym (Nicholas cutting through the middle, just like all the other kids), they played Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light - Green Light and his favorite, What Time is It Mr. Fox.

I realize this accomplishment may seem minor to many other mothers. 
For me, it was huge.
 It actually brought a tear to my eye.  He wasn't the overly-shy boy who wouldn't try anything. I didn't have to peal him off my leg at the door...and to top it off, he was extremely happy being there.  He watched the other kids to look for cues how to play the games, since it was obvious the other kids had a lot of experience with these classes and games.  About 10 minutes into the class, he turned to me on the bleachers and said, "thank you Mommy for bringing me to the YMCA today!" 
For that hour, we were just like any other family...and just enjoyed the moment.

After a half hour in the gym, Nicholas hit the pool with his new group of buddies.  After all his swimming in the "big lake" this summer, he was pumped to try an indoor pool.  I think he was having a hard time understanding the concept of an indoor pool.  He asked a few times, "You mean it is warm in the pool water, even though it is too cold outside?"

His instructor demonstrated all of the skills they practiced this week- the front stroke scooping their favorite flavor ice cream, the backstroke and the side stroke.  The kids squealed hysterically when they got splashed - so cute!

My little pool fishy!

I love this video clip.  Nicholas chattered the entire time, talking about scooping his favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip.  He was so proud of himself at the end, as I was equally of him.
(unfortunately, its tough to hear all that he was saying, but its a specially fond memory for me~)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


William has a new love for M&M's.

He pops them in his mouth,
he sucks off all the colorful candy-coating,
he randomly spits out the gooey chocolate bits around the house,
he makes a big, sticky mess all over his face....
and he even puts away his dirty bib when his snacking is done!

Melt My Heart

Last week, the boys were due for haircuts.  I was incredibly impressed with how well they both were during their trims and while waiting for the other. Nicholas kept all the girls highly entertained with his many questions from "Why do the hair dryers need to be shaped like mushrooms?" to "How would I use that door over there with the red 'E-X-I-T' sign if there is a fire here - there is too much stuff in front of it!" 

As I was paying, Nicholas grabbed William's hand and said, "Come on William.  I will hold your hand as we go to the car.  I will keep you safe, so come with me."

And they walked, hand in hand.  Nicholas waited as William  took his time stepping down the curb.  Nicholas even nicely brought William to his side of the car...
oh, melt my heart!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chai Obsession!

My name is Kristie and I have a secret infatuation with Dunkin Donut's Vanilla Chai. 

If you have never experienced this indulgence, let me tell you, you are missing out.  This delectable experience has the most perfect frothy texture....a sweetness that just warms you from within...the entire experience from first to last sip is pure comfort.  When William was in the PICU at NY Presbyterian, my dad picked me up a chai every morning....yes, there is nothing more comforting like a warm vanilla chai.

Well, admittedly I share this admission and the fact that I've passed on the addiction to my son.  William goes nuts when he sees a Dunkin Donuts cup.  When I have coffee, he gets incredibly disappointed (almost mad!), but boy does he love it when I indulge in a chai!  This morning, it was still hot, so I was sharing some in a small cup so it would cool for him.  I couldn't keep it coming fast enough for him!
Seriously Mom, I need my own next time.  This sharing thing is just not working for me anymore!