Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend in MA

Thursday night we headed off to Boston to see Cousin Dillon (oh yeah, and Aunt Angela and Uncle Jim too). Nicholas called Dillon to let him know we were on our way.
We were all so excited to see the boys together, we woke Dillon up Friday morning (of course, Nicholas and I had already been up for a while waiting)!
The boys quickly got to their fun. They checked out all the snow we had gotten the night before.
We brought an Easter bag of goodies for Dillon. He was really excited to find the Peeps - and yelled, "OOOO, Peeps!"
Nicholas really wanted the bunny straw he was (supposed to be) giving to Dillon.
"Ahhh, I GOT IT!"
After his shamrock shake a couple weeks ago, Nicholas is officially a shake hog!
Our highlight was going to IKEA. The boys were more interested in inspecting the buttons for the elevator than smiling for the camera.
Nicholas got to check out the store too - and made a maze out of this display. Thankfully he did not break anything (experience & picture courtesy of Daddy.)
"Oh, home organization is next - got to get there!"
I don't know who was more impressed with the GIANT ceiling fans in the warehouse - Nicholas or Daddy.
Thanks guys for having us. We're so impressed with your house and can't wait to make it to the aquarium next time!

Flashback Friday!

Tis' the life of an (almost) 5-month old...
there's snuggle time
belly time on the changing table (a true favorite)
splash time in the tubby
and loungin' on the couch
(now, where's the remote?)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We have an escapee!

Look who mustered up the courage to scoot out to the road this afternoon when I was unpacking the car from work. His first destination - the mailbox. He sure knows the routine!
Boy was he proud of himself!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Growth Spurt?

In the mornings, my "former" cuddlebug now has to make his toy rounds instead of enjoying his sippy cup with a little Mommy snuggle time.
He's a true master of the handless sippy cup maneuver.
This weekend Nicholas also figured out how to open the pantry door. Now he's able to help himself to his own snacks (well isn't that convenient! I guess I should be impressed he chose his snack foods and didn't hit Daddy's stash of chips!).
And of course, the refrigerator proozer.
Seriously, all these pictures were taken today - and I didn't realize the coincidence until tonight. Would you say he was hungry today? As if those half dozen jelly beans and mints he found on his egg hunt this afternoon wasn't a treat enough!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Elmo arrived in the mail....

Nicholas didn't get through all his Easter gifts yesterday, so we spread the fun into today! He was really excited about his card from Mema & Grandpa Tim...
and insisted that I read it over and over again as he pointed to Elmo on the inside.
Thanks guys!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Our Easter eggstravaganza was full throttle starting yesterday when we finished up some details with our Easter cards. Finger painting with "real" paints was sure messy - not to mention got Nicholas really thirsty - needing a milk intermission.
He was super excited to find his Easter basket! The video footage we captured is priceless!
Later, Grandma & Grandpa arrived from their roadtrip to see cousin Dillon in MA. They shared their latest pictures with Nicholas - who carefully examined them for any changes in Dillon since we've last seen him (it's all about hair competition with these two baldies!). Grandma and Grandpa just had to get in seeing both their grandsons on Easter!
Nicholas was at the head of the table for Easter dinner. Thankfully, we all didn't have to share his meal preference of grapes, pita and a double-strawed yogurt smoothie.
It was getting late when Grandma realized she almost forgot to give Nicholas his Easter basket. Can you believe they found a chocolate remote for him (seriously, it was pure coincidence that Nicholas was already holding the real remote when going through his basket).
"I don't know about this version - you can have it back. I like the one with the light-up buttons."
(He really looks worried here, would you say?
And it looks like Zoey will take up that offer!)
"Nice try Grandpa, but I'm keeping the real deal!"
There's nothing like a few laps of chasing Grandma around the table before bedtime to tire this bunny out!
"You can't catch me Grandma!"
Happy Easter everybody and thanks for the very delicious meal Aunt Elaine and Uncle John!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Buddha Belly Boy
Nicholas sat in his highchair for the first time (for about 2 minutes)- does he look scared or what!
Our growing boy also required some car seat adjustments

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cat & Mouse Chase

Nicholas has figured out how exciting it is to be chased around the house - especially when he's delaying bedtime, like tonight. He also pulls this when you are trying to put on his coat to leave - but how can you be mad at this little squealer! I still have to capture his quick turn and run move - so you'll likely see a Part II soon!

Oh, and sorry for the jerky camera movements, the poor sound quality, the silly parents, the messy house.....its just everyday life around here!

A Mini-Freddy?

Today we were so excited to get mail from Mema. She sent us a donation for our March of Dimes Walk (thank you for your support, Mema!) and a couple pictures of Daddy when he was little.
Here Daddy is about 3 years old - couldn't that be Nicholas is a couple years?
And who's that birthday girl grooving with her Mork & Mindy suspenders, you may be asking? Mema, of course!

Oh, the happy boy with train cars for his birthday!

(Daddy would look a little different without his shirt today - but he still has those nobby knees!)

Thanks Mema for the great laughs!

Bird watching and bubbles?

When we got home from Miss Judy's house today, Nicholas found a bunch of robins munching on worms in our very soggy backyard. I was bummed to miss the shot of him standing on the window sill, but boy was he cute watching them.
I later made the mistake of running dish water in front of him - which ALWAYS leads to him needing some bubbles of his own.... eat of course!
Who could turn down this smile!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shamrock Shakes ROCK!

Thank goodness you don't have to be Irish to enjoy a shamrock shake!
Nicholas really checked out his green concoction before trying it.
Would you say he liked it? The eyes say it all!
"Livi, what do you think of this?"
"Oh Nicholas, I'm enjoying this too much to stop and talk to you!"
"Excuse me Mommy, this seems to be empty!"
What fun we had at Mickey D's with our shakes and playing on the jungle gym. Fortunately for us, they serve shakes all year long - we will definitely be back!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Pot of Gold for this Little Leprechaun

Well, we are certainly far from Irish, but Nicholas sure acted like he was given a pot of gold with this oatmeal cookie this afternoon!

"ahhh, life is good!"
He even said "cheese" for the camera for the first time today!
"Do you want some Mommy?"
And look - new teeth coming in. Welcome #'s 9 & 10!