Monday, May 30, 2011

The daughter I always wanted...

Ya know those mornings when you just can't get every little step of the way you're making one step forward and two backward.  Like you're in the shower only to find your nearly 2-year-old rummaged through your underwear drawer and had littered the bedroom with his treasures... the dog chewed a toy leaving small shards of plastic toys all over the've changed 3 poor explosion diapers and already have 3 outfits soaking in your kitchen sink before 9am....

...well, this was one of those exact mornings.

I should have known that William was up to trouble when he was seemingly content as I was drying my hair.  We have an ongoing battle over possession of my makeup tote.  I always have to keep a watchful eye on it and lately it rarely makes its way home in the vanity because of dear William's fascination with its contents. 

Little did I realize there was an old tote in the back of the vanity...filled with plenty of William's prized lipsticks! 

Gotta love how he carries it like a purse.  He repeatedly reminded me who was the finder of this treasure.... "ME!"

What can I say....
he's just like the little girl I always wanted.

May I add that the morning only got more eventful with William dropping his "purse" down the stairs.  This would normally not be a big deal....except for the decade-old eye shadow that popped open on its tumble....thus spilling chunks of dried, flaking gray eye shadow all over the stairs....

Yup, another clean-up required!

And yet another day I tell William,
"You're lucky you're cute!"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Babbling to Butterflies

We've thoroughly enjoyed watching the full life cycle of butterflies though raising them from larvae.  I've been shocked to see how much William has gotten out of the experience. He gets SO excited when he hears them fluttering.  He runs over to the screen house and babbles away to them...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Aunt Elaine joined us Monday afternoon for a trip to the library and to Hafner's.  As soon as we entered the nursery, Nicholas reminded us, "Remember that time a long time ago that we came here and had an ice cream at that stand over there with the glowing ice cream sign?  I think we should do that again!" 

Yup, he was right....last spring we enjoyed a peruse through Hafner's and ended with a most delicious ice cream!  A repeat was in order!

William smacked away at his mint chocolate chip and thoroughly enjoyed the tinkling of the "wawa" fountain.

After my first picture, I told Aunt Elaine her eyes were closed.  Gotta love William's response...

Thank you, thank you Aunt Elaine.  We shall surely repeat again soon!

Mastering 100

May 15th
Nicholas had an assignment to practice counting to 100. We've been focusing on the 10's, since he still likes to call 20 "twenty zero," 30 "thirty zero"...and so on.

Trying to think of something we had 100 of and could fit on our cut-out, we raided the candy stash.  Sure enough, we found plenty of Smarties and a hefty supply of Easter sprinkles...perfect!
My boy got a good fine motor workout as he counted out 100 pieces of candy on his chart and then placed them on the glue dots.  He's so ingeniously he told me, "I'm just like an automated machine in a factory....I pick up candies with my robotic arm and then the computer inside me tells me to drop them one by one on an empty glue dot."

He was so proud to see his dried finished product the next morning. Here's hoping we'll no longer hear another "sixty zero!"