Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blueberry pickin'

We had a lovely afternoon picking blueberries. 

Nicholas was very excited to go, saying he wanted to pick enough berries to make Poppie a blueberry pie.  Once at the patch, he saw the similarity of the blueberry bushes to grape plants, which reminded him of their newest John Deere DVD that shows a Korvan grape harvester.  Nicholas instantly turned our Radio Flyer wagon into a Korvan harvester...bringing plenty of his spirit to the typically quiet revenes of the berry patch.

William kept our loot secure in the wagon....I mean Korvan harvester. 

Our harvester also had capabilities of sorting berries by size, with Nicholas seeking "plump grapes."

I love capturing the boys in their play schemes.  Here they were combining harvest collections and emptying the "Korvan."

All in all, we really picked some beautiful berries.  I served some with dinner and Nicholas said, "Oh wow, these are the berries we picked!  These are really special ones, I remember picking this one!"

As we were checking out, William asked the teenage farm hand, "How you shake your berries?"  It of course took the boy by surprise and Nicholas chimed in, "He really means how do you harvest the berries with a Korvan shaker?"  After explaining of the John Deere video, the attendant told us the berry patch is entirely hand-picked.  Nicholas' response, "Man, that's a lot of work.  I think you should buy a shaker attachment!"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Construction Awe

As Grammy was driving through the village, she called to give us a heads up of some major construction repair going on right down our street.  Knowing how much the boys would love watching the real guys in action, we of course had to head down.  I asked Nicholas to check the mailbox, assured he would notice the flashing lights down the street.  Seconds later, following the squeals from the porch, he darted in the house straight to his hardhat and vest, babbling he needed to go check out the problem...

Nicholas could have stayed there trough the final step (as it was, he got rained on).  He is purely fascinated with all things construction... knows all the machines/vehicles/terminology....and is holding on to his future career destiny as "a construction worker."  I just love his excitement for this!

Who needs entertainment when you live in the village?