Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geez Mom

Nicholas hasn't been himself lately, since he's fighting a cold. Daddy has enjoyed spending the last 2 days home with him while Mommy worked. When Mommy got home to such beautiful weather, she dragged (literally) him out of the house for a little fresh air.
As you can see, he was not too amused at first.
Andrew came over and helped build a mini-snowman.
Nicholas got really into the whole building experience and finding natural trinkets to use for accessories.

Admiring his work, while Mommy took in the beautiful sunset.

It was such a nice evening, Daddy grilled us up a delicious steak and veggies. Now this is some special treatment Mommy can get used to!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quiet Days

We've had a few quiet days around the house. Nicholas loves to watch Daddy snowblow and begs to help him shovel. He's so pitiful at the window.

He's been such a good helper around the house and loves to feed Zoey. Our biggest problem is that he wants to feed her multiple times a day (that and the fact he likes to bring the bin of dog food into the family room to feed her by hand).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keep An Eye Out for Me!

Tonight Daddy and I got our picture taken in the home theater to submit to Daddy's favorite magazine.
Who knows, we may just get published (fingers crossed!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today cousins Colby and Johnny spent the day with us. Nicholas and Colby played really nicely together - of course, what two boys wouldn't have a blast together in a pool of packing peanuts!

Once Johnny woke from his nap, Nicholas found a little competition with his younger cousin. Johnny's two favorite words seem to be "mine" and "no," which Mommy just thought was hysterical, but Nicholas did not share the humor.
Thanks for coming boys - It sure made this lazy Sunday more exciting!

Baby visit!

On Friday, Jodi and baby Alexa came for a visit. Mommy got lots of practice putting her to sleep and remembering how often you need to burp a baby during feedings.
Nicholas was surprisingly interested in the little squawker, so we got to practice him following directions when Mommy is busy. Let's just say we're thankful for the next 90 days we have before Baby B arrives!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Change for the Better, and One Not So Good

Last night, Nicholas made a huge turn-around toward welcoming his baby brother. As we were talking about him becoming a big brother (of which he has always quickly replied, "no no, Mommy big brother...Daddy big brother...Zoey big brother..." he said, "baby come sleep here" and pointed to his dresser. He actually allowed me to talk about going to the hospital to have the baby (and didn't interrupt me - if you can believe that!). All along so far, he's seemed unaware of my growing belly. This night, he knew exactly where the baby is now and even lifted my shirt to nicely pat the baby. I've yet to bring up the topic since, but it seems as though he's more intune to our future changes than I expected, despite his usual resistance of the topic.
On the other hand, we had our first time-out in close to a year, if not longer. Nicholas was playing so nicely with markers and a wipe-off board in the family room when I caught him drawing on the couch. He pulled his adorable little "hi Mommy" with the 'I know I'm doing something wrong, but perhaps my charm can distract you'. After a firm warning he did it again - and took a direct flight to time out. I was impressed with how well he sat in the chair but not surprised he tried to talk to me the entire time. He sure was a sweet boy after those 2 minutes, but unfortunately we now have a black streak on our couch!

Lunch at the Office

Today we brought the guys at Daddy's work some lunch and goodies. Nicholas was so excited when we turned into the complex - he was yelling, "oh, Daddy's big work building....lots of shinny big!"
He quickly made himself at home at Daddy's desk - checking out all three monitors and inspecting Daddy's trinkets.

Thanks for the special lunchdate, Daddy. And we're glad we spilled the beans so gracefully about Baby B to your boss and co-workers - we're only 26 weeks along!

(which reminds me, maybe I should do the same at my work places)

Scoopin' and Dumpin'

Nicholas can keep himself entertained forever lately with anything involving scooping and dumping - whether its with water in the sink, with the dry dog food, in his bean bin or playing in the tub...that is until he yells for me to get him a specific-colored spoon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President Obama!

I guess Nicholas' obsession with watching the news has paid off. I just love how his little voice sounds saying it!
(sorry for the lack of editing lately - just not enough time!)

So, this is what Mommy's boys do...

Mommy was heading out to meet a friend last night when she heard a ruckus coming from the stairs. Sure enough, Daddy and Nicholas were playing their "kick Daddy down the stairs game." So, I guess there is a reason behind Nicholas asking to "kick Mommy!"

The boys then headed to their favorite spot together - Wild Buffalo Wings.

Nicholas' main attraction there likely has something to do with the big screen tv's everywhere...

and the french fries!

Gotta love boys nite!
It was definitely a nice way for Nicholas to spend time with Daddy before he headed out of town. We miss you, Daddy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mommy's Boys Busy Working

Daddy fixes his speakers as Nicholas reads books.
I can only imagine what this table will look like over the years to come!

A Special Delivery to A Sweetie...

Out little heartbreaker was so excited to bring cookies to Emilie. He was on a mission!

Emilie greeted him with her usual squeal, followed by hugs and kisses. I'd say she was impressed with his gesture of love.

Nicholas was introduced to the Noggin channel - so to him, it was the perfect date!

Plenty of kisses between these two love birds.

Emilie just loves to touch him as much as she can get away with. Every now and then, we'd hear Nicholas say, "don't touch me!" - just like his Daddy! Our neighbors are always teasing us for our "bedtime schedule." Marco attempted to prove Nicholas was not tired by playing photographer. He sure got some silly shots!

Nicholas has always been aware that the "big boys" play downstairs. This weekend, our little man insisted on checking out the joint and had a blast. He just adores the antics of the big kids... (hard to believe it was nearly 10pm here!). Daddy had to literally pick him up and carry him away kicking and screaming.

Gifts of Love

Nicholas was excited to rip into his Valentine's Day cards from Mema and godmother Rosanne. He loves to get mail!

Mommy and Daddy gave him some books, including one he's been asking for, Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon. He's been pointing on the back of his bookcovers and requests, "I want this one" pointing to titles he doesn't yet own. I swear he just studies these books!
"Ooooo, jelly beans in the mailbox!"
The boys read Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day book.
Daddy got his traditional V-Day gift of heart boxers and Mommy got a yummy homemade dinner!

"All My Cookies!"

After awaking from nap, Nicholas came downstairs to see the cookies still out on the island. His response, "oh, all my cookies! yummm! Let's, two, three..."

Zoey gets kissed

This boy loves his popcorn!

Could he possibly smile any bigger?

What's wrong with this picture?

What a nice brother to share some love with Zoe!

Charlie Brown

It wouldn't be a holiday without watching Charlie Brown's special. We celebrated with lunch on the couch.
As always, Snoopy got all the laughs. "Oh Snoopy!" as Nicholas says.

Fixing Big Truck

I'm still unsure how this all got started, but Nicholas worked diligently to "fix his big truck like Daddy."
Just like Daddy's typical approach, this job required a lot of examining of the situation. Those two are soooooo much alike - its scary!

As you can see, many tools were required!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Strike of a Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
We celebrated with a trip to the bowling alley with Gammy and Poppie.

Nicholas looked on carefully as Poppie took the first turn...waiting so patiently.

~ sizing up the ramp with Poppie ~

His little "hut" came in handy for the ball push-off. It was so cute!
At each turn, Nicholas chose a different color ball.
He waited patiently for his ball to return.

Nicholas has a few little celebration jigs when he's excited. He shook a leg after watching Poppie bowl and swing his leg back.

Nicholas' thoughts: "lets get back to bowling - why are we stopping for a silly picture!"

Now we're rolling!
~ cuddles with Gammy ~

Nice form, little man!

Mommy and her cheeseball!
What a fun morning!