Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PEEEE YOU - here comes a skunk!

Nicholas' first Halloween!
He looked adorable in his Boo bib from Godmother Rosanne.

Here comes trouble!
(notice the head down position- that's his extra-fast crawling mode)
Nicholas agrees someone smells stinky!
Zoey even had to get a whiff!
Skunk on the move!
Nicholas greeted our first trick-or-treaters at the door.
"Hey Daddy, what's going on at the Viera house?
Check out the strobe light!
Yikes...I have to hold onto my sign!!!"
Nicholas recognized his girlfriend Emilie, who was dressed as an adorable witch.
Mommy, Daddy & a very tired Stinker.
...way past bedtime, oh boy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Outdoorsman!

What a beautiful day - is it really Halloween tomorrow?
Nicholas kept going after the pumpkins in the landscaping, so I had to pull some out for him to climb around.

"I choose this one to carve - its the perfect shape."

A Treasure from the Lazy Susan

Nicholas' treasure of the day - rum extract.
He toted it everywhere today.
"These toys look interesting and all, but I'm not giving up my extract!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ahoy! Me see teethers!

Can you see them too??!!
(Don't even ask how we got that shot
- lets just say we had a little time to blow in a waiting room!)

Then it was off for a lunch date with Aunt Elaine! Thanks AE!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sore Gum, Sore Bottom

The good news is, Nicholas finally broke some teeth on the top (at least 2 are though, from the quick glimpse he allowed us earlier)...the bad news, the teeth brought their friend "teething diarrhea" and he now has a sore bottom.
Hopefully his naked play session did some good tonight!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Jake!

Can you believe Jake is 2 already!

Nicholas loved the balloons at his house - and even kept his Mickey ears on for a long time!

The Birthday Boy binged on his favorites - Junior Mints & mini M & M's.

(We caught you with this one Jake!)

Nicholas thought Jake's playhouse was the best - especially the swinging door and the light switch!

Jake did a great job blowing out his very high #2 candle.

What a great celebration - thanks for having us guys & Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Check out the concentration for this bite of cupcake!

Mom and Dad can celebrate that the week-long of birthday partying is over!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Boo at Zoo Boo

Tonight we went to the zoo for a special Halloween event, Zoo Boo.
Our little skunk met a camel there...
...and was all giggles for the giant penguin!
The rain seemed to make his plume headpiece extra fluffy tonight!
"Hey Mommy, we need to talk about this stinker sign. Did you really need to add the squiggly stink lines coming off the letters like that???"

"Ohhh, it's okay I guess... I still love you!"
"And Daddy too!"

Nicholas' Introduction to Rodents

When we were out running errands this afternoon, we snuck into Petco to check out the animals. Nicholas loved seeing all the doggies in the grooming room and was fascinated by the rodents for sale. That will surely be where Mommy puts her foot down - absolutely no rodents as pets (and that cute smile and laugh will NOT work on this topic!)!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Birthday Preview???

Someone was especially messy at dinner tonight - is this a preview for his big day in 2 weeks?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cousin Dominic

Nicholas' little cousin Dominic came up for a visit with his Mommy Sara and Grandma Aunt Sue. We can't believe Dominic is already 8 weeks old...and that he was able to sleep through all the noises from Nicholas' toys going all afternoon!
Everyday, Nicholas seems to find one favorite toy that he totes all around the house. Today it was the plunger from his Home Depot tool bucket - I hope he's not foreseeing any plumbing problems!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting Into Trouble

Nicholas must have noticed that we bought cupboard locks yesterday - he was surely in search of something specific tonight!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Sticky Stinker

Today was the neighborhood's annual Halloween Parade & Party...which means costume attempt #1! We usually need to bundle up under costumes, but with the beautiful weather today, I went topless!
I got to crawl around and hunt for treasures.

And gave Daddy a workout with walking all around!

The best part was having my first sucker! As you can see, I knew exactly what to do with it - and boy was I a sticky stinker after that!

Daddy, we really need a pony!

"Ava had a great birthday party this weekend- with pony rides too! This was my first ride on an animal - and I loved it!"
"I knew just how to ride and hold on.
Ya know, riding a pony takes lots of concentration - as you can see in my expression."

Happy Birthday Ava!!! We hope you enjoyed your big day!

And thanks to Sarah & Margaret for the pictures of this fun time!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Playing Hookie

"My new teeth are driving me nuts today - so we skipped swim lessons and substituted the pool for my tub filled extra high! It was way better than the Y!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grandpa, the Babysitter

Tonight Mommy & Daddy had a date night for a special showing at the IMAX Theater. Nicholas waited patiently for Grandpa to come play with him (if that's what you would call banging the door and grunting!).
He also managed to grab a phone from the end table and get it over to the door - as if needing to call Grandpa!
Apparently they had so much fun together, Nicholas refused to go to bed on time and was still awake when we got home at 9.
Somebody has Grandpa wrapped around his little finger!

The Great Outdoors

Yesterday we spent nearly 2 hours enjoying the outdoors. Nicholas stayed entertained forever playing with the latest tomato harvest when I pruned landscaping and pulled out the garden remains.
Ahhh, garden tools - these look fun!
Someone found a new love for getting dirty...
and chased Zoey around the yard with his shovel.
The king of the castle!