Monday, June 30, 2008

Watch-out Tiger Woods!

This weekend, we got in a little game of miniature golf - Nicholas' first round of golf!
He thought the course was a wonderland of excitement - and was so busy taking it all in.
We took 2 different kiddie clubs for him - but our guy insisted on the big club.
It was taller than him, but he just thought it was great to carry around the course.
Nicholas proved to be Daddy's good luck charm. He was so excited to hit the ball with Daddy's help and to pick up the balls from the hole. The boys even got a hole-in-one together (seriously, Daddy was never that good of a golfer before Nicholas!).
17 holes later (we skipped one by jumping ahead of the slow-pokes in front of us), Mommy and Daddy shared the little club. Too bad we ran out of picture memory space around hole 2, but we sure have our own memories! What a fun afternoon.

Grandma and Grandpa's Sweet Tooth Passes On

Ever since that last trip to MA with Grandma & Grandpa, Nicholas has been crazy for Tootsie Rolls (okay, maybe Mommy is too, since she bought them). We found him with this in the car the other day.

2 Baby Blog Watchers

This afternoon, Nicholas insisted on getting in the computer chair (to watch his favorite video of him and Dillon at the farm, over and over again). With Livi over, we just had to check out her latest tricks too. They were so cute sharing a chair...
and a little snuggle
"Hey, this is fun!"
(of course, Olivia was not about to take her eyes off herself on the monitor for a picture - LOL!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swing Lover!

Our boy, and his beloved swing!
The warning signs were on the wall this time last year.

Flashback - Long Overdue

When we saw Mema this weekend, we were reminded that we need to catch-up on our Friday Flashbacks (we've been experiencing some shortage of memory space for old pictures). Daddy rescued us and our archives are back to our access (thanks Daddy!).

This time last year, Nicholas' favorite treats were Mum Mums. He actually enjoyed lotion massages

(gosh, look at those naked gums!)
Dillon was in town and spent the afternoon with us. That piano kept them entertained forever.
And how could Mommy forget Nicholas' first "in trouble" experience. He was starting a bad habit of pulling the monitor off the bathroom vanity - and on this day, I let him know that was not going to continue to happen. Hmmm, strange he's still obsessed with that monitor - only now, he carries in the step stool from the closet to have better access to everything on the vanity.
My, how times have changed!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Whole Day with Dillon!

Bright and early, Uncle Jim and Dillon came over to hang out with Nicholas when Mommy polished-off the last day of school (ya hoo!). The ball popper is always a hit with these two.
Talk about an action shot!
They also really got into playing with the Little People house. Put Nicholas in a pink shirt and he could be a girl, wouldn't you say (sorry Nicholas, but its so true!).
Dillon just loves "Zobee."
These boys couldn't be more opposites when it comes to eating, but tonight, Aunt Kristie's dinner really hit Dillon's hunger spot. No kidding Aunt Angela, he ate 3 chicken nuggets, an entire yogurt smoothie, some crackers and Jello.
I got the complement of a lifetime: "Aunt Tirsty, this yogurt smoovie is so doood!"
Nicholas initiated a hysterical game of hide-and-seek in the curtains.
And we played outside with Emilee for a bit. The kiddos were mesmerized with a huge ant.
How cute is this - they are each 6 months apart.
Dillon was the master of the mower. He got so excited whenever bubbles would pop out.
We miss you Aunt Angela - hope this gives you enough of a Dillon fix for tonight!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rockin' with Red Grammer!

Tuesday night, we went to Papermill Island to rock out with Red Grammer, one of my favorite singers! I loved crossing the bridge and checking out the rapids.
We had a nice picnic dinner - there's nothing like enjoying a PB sandwich with a great view of the river...
..that is, until the Boy Scouts come around selling my favorite snack!
Livi joined us after dinner, so I just had to be a gentleman and share my yummy snack.
"Hey, has anyone seen Red yet?"
Finally the show began. We had great seats!
Daddy and I had a tickle fest - even before the Tickle Song played.
The show was so hot, I had to wear shades (or maybe I was just attempting to hide my tired eyes, since I was up past bedtime way too late!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dillon is in town!

Whaa hoo!
Just don't expect many pictures of them together - they are busier than ever these days. This was our attempt tonight, but it had to involve lots of tickling!

What goofs!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Climbing Ladders...

Today we had a big bash with our neighbor friends. After weeks of watching the "big kids" and Emilee (who is 13 months older than Nicholas) climb the ladder to the play fort, Nicholas muster up the courage (and coordination) to pull it off - all by himself!
Once at the top, it was a bee-line for the steering wheel!
Whaa hoo!

Emilee and Nicholas get along so great
(okay, except for when they both want the bubble mower)

Nicholas and Zoey looked so pitiful watching all the pool action

- maybe next time buddy!

But who needs the pool when you get control of the hose!

(video to come soon)

Nicholas is really big into imitating these days - even Zoey drinking from the puddle.

He had everyone in stitches!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Bike Trip

With such a gorgeous day, we took advantage and all got out on our bikes. We rode all around the neighborhood, had to take the mandatory stop at the playground and even found a little joint to have a bite of lunch at. Hopefully Nicholas won't grow to expect strawberry milk every time we go by Uncle Chubby's - let's just say we were dealing with a limited menu.

Full of himself

Nicholas just loves to check out his friend's blogs and watch his videos...over and over again. It's basically the only part of the day he's still!

Friday, June 20, 2008