Saturday, May 30, 2009

William's first hour

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cuddle Bug

Brothers First Meeting

Although the jury was still out as to Nicholas' reaction to a new addition to our quiet little family, he was definitely excited to spend the weekend with Grammy and Poppie. By Friday evening, Mommy was already missing her big boy and we all thought it was time for a visit to the hospital. A special trip to Mickey D's on the way to the hospital surely made Nicholas happy...oh the ways grandparents spoil their grandkids!

Official Big Brother!

Nicholas chose a special gift for William at the gift shop and so proudly carried his chosen treasure.

I'll never forget seeing my little boy enter the room. He did a quick scan of the room, pulled out a little stuffed monkey, tossed it on the foot of my bed, casually dropped the bag over his shoulder and pointed his little finger with an assertive, "turn on those tv's!"

After checking out all the buttons on the hospital bed, Nicholas was interested in meeting his new brother.

Apparently, he's also taken on a new hobby as Grammy's photography assistant.

Nice shot, baby!

Our first family of 4 photograph!

Ready to Meet Baby!

Around 11:35 we arrived at the hospital for our scheduled 1:30 c-section. We ended up waiting about 15 minutes only to have a nurse introduce herself to us and ask if it would be okay to take us early. All the sudden it became a lot more real, especially after hearing her proposed time of 12:30!

Daddy was psyched to get in his blue suit!

Things got a little delayed by another delivery. Meanwhile, a frantic Grandma Santore called as she was leaving from putting Nicholas down for a nap. In all her excitement, she had a complete brain lapse of how to drive from Cicero to Syracuse (yeah, like whether to go North or South on 81!). That's one for the memory book!

Before we knew it, I was taken away!

Daddy entered the OR to find a very nervous Mommy, who kept insisting that he "stay with the baby at all times....and don't pass out!"

At 1:17pm, our little angel joined us!

He was crying even before fully out and immediately reminded Mommy of what Nicholas looked like when he was born.

He was active and screeching - letting us all know he was finally here!

~ William Frederick Relyea ~

Mommy's first holding of William.

Grandpa Santore holds his new grandson, while Aunt Angela hears his noises over the phone.

footprints for the baby book

Our first elevator ride down to the 7th floor.

William's first bath didn't make him too happy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My First Baby

On the eve of Baby B's arrival, I just can't get over how quickly time has passed over the past 2 1/2 years of enjoying Nicholas and how fortunate our family is to await our newest addition.
Nicholas seems ready for his new role as 'Big Brother.' He's been practicing saying his brother's name and even mastering his big boy tantrums when Mommy and Daddy have been preoccupied today. Life will surely change for us all tomorrow, but at the same time, we wouldn't want it any other way!

Our Last Just Mommy-Nicholas Day

Yesterday we enjoyed the gorgeous weather with lots of gardening and outdoor play. Nicholas was Mommy's little shovel helper to plant the hanging baskets and planters.

"I like scooping with the purple shovel!"

He even talked me into pulling out the hose for him to water the gardens.

"Where's the strawberries and matoes?"

My gardener boy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm going to be a big brother...

in just 4 more days!

"My Specal Chair"

Baby brother is not even here, but Nicholas is already claiming territory on the baby items.

I'm sure he'll be a huge help for baby's needs with his proficient operating skills of the mode selector....if only his big dupa wasn't hogging the chair!

Pedal Progress!

Our nightly family walks are paying off with Nicholas now pedaling his trike on his own. Here, our boy was motivated to advance himself to get to snoop at the neighbor's motorcycle in the garage.

Summer's Here!

Nothing like the season's first ear of corn on the cob!

Under-Age Driver

This boy begs to "drive fast car!"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final touches on the Big Boy Room!

Mommy realized we really needed to take down Nicholas' name from the nursery, even though Baby B's name remains TS - Top Secret.
So Nicholas, what do you think about your name being removed?
"Hey, give me those letters and my hammer!"
"I just need to fix it with my tools!"

In the end, Nicholas was a great assistant to Daddy - and the perfect inspector.
(even if he was in his underwear!)

Always double checking his old man's work.

a new home

Fertile Grounds

Last month, we realized our friends, Mama and Daddy mallard duck decided to nest in our landscaping (the same exact spot we had the bunnies two years ago). Mama duck has been on her nest non-stop, but the other evening we found her out in the yard doing an odd quack dance.

Turns out, she was encouraging two of her babies to come out for some fresh air!

We're so happy mama and babies are doing well. Unfortunately for mama Robin, her nest was evicted from the playset's steering wheel last week! Nicholas couldn't accept that being there - he was obsessed with yelling "go away Mama Robin!"