Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Welcome to Tim Hortons! Can I take your order?"

August 9, 2011
With so much going on, the little moments of this day gave me that quiet whisper that things will be okay for us.  

Nicholas is constantly coming up with hysterical play schemes.  With so much whirling lately between William's needs and all those things we shall refer to as "life management issues," Nicholas' need for complex, Mommy-help required play can be just another thing to attempt to juggle in the mix.  Of course his play includes complex directives often for me to tape random toys together in an effort to make a greater Nicholas-imagined device or him snatching items from the recycling bin only to convenience me that he can use the items RIGHT NOW instead of it being recycled into something different.  I have to admit though, when he instructed me to go behind the breakfast bar and then said, "Welcome to Tim Hortons!  Can I take your order now?"  I got in my much-needed, well-overdue laugh that cleansed this Momma's spirit.

With headphones on, a nice selection of small, medium and large cups and a variety of Keurig coffee selections, Nicholas was "Joan, the owner of the newest Tim Horton's store across the street from William's cancer hospital in New Nornk City!"

(for those that don't know the significance, Joan & Dave own our local Tim Horton's in Cicero and used to own the store at Golisano Children's Hospital.  They have become dear friends and are constantly extending their thoughtfulness with complimentary coffees and Tim Bits for us.  And Nicholas gets a little tongue tied with saying New York....its more of a New Nornk).

My little man even corrected my coffee order when he said, "No Mommy, you always get extra cream and two Splenda!"

Of course, once his Tim Horton's store was getting really busy, he hired "Pop" to help man the drive-thru orders. 

William was thoroughly amused with the whole production too!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Climber Strikes Again...

This boy has no fear....he runs, he climbs, he has been caught many times putting a step stool on the couch to attempt some sort of death defying act...and he insists on doing things "me" (as in me do.)  This day, William got himself into Nicholas' chair for breakfast.  He had pulled out the chair, climbed in as if climbing a ladder, then yelled to Nicholas and I in the kitchen with a grunty "ME!"   

Last Day of Park Hill Preschool

June 21
Thanks to Nicholas' "best friend" Diamond at Park Hill Preschool,we dealt with a minor reality breakdown when Nicholas confronted me with the question, "Mommy, why did Diamond say I'm stupid and not going to kindergarten next year?"  So, after a long discussion, we eventually had an excited Nicholas who will attend "summer camp at Main Street School" and who will start "Kindergarten Prep" in the fall....(phew, crisis diverted!)

Poppie joined us for the afternoon of Nicholas' last day at Park Hill Preschool.  Nicholas was so proud of himself getting off the bus that day.  He turned to his bus driver on  the last step and said, "Bye Ted.  I'll miss you!  Drive safely!" 

Poppie brought us all out for a special ice cream, just like my Papa used to do on our last day of school.  Nicholas chose the ice cream stand, telling Poppie, "You will love Big Dip because they have a giant chocolate and vanilla twist on top of the building and that's your favorite!"

Poppie and our little Graduate

Thursday, July 14, 2011

There's some pearly whites!

This boy may have every single specialists under the sun but I'll tell you one thing, he doesn't need a dentist!  He loves to brush his teeth....

or shall I specify he loves to eat toothpaste!

Workin it from every angle ~ he does everything to keep his pearly whites looking perfect.


Perhaps we should be asking how much toothpaste is too much, but I have a feeling someone won't like the answer.

Oh, and don't ask me why he was wearing his sunglasses while in the morning room.  William basically runs his own show around here, now that he's two, you know.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Soccer League: Revisited with Success!

June 30th

Not to bring up a bad subject, but lets face it, last spring, we had a couple really unsuccessful (nearly traumatic) attempts at sports for Nicholas.  Mini Shooters was rather painful for Nicholas and Mommy....and I can't even begin to think about gymnastics (I'm still trying to erase that from permanent memory).  When Nicholas out-of-the-blue told me he wanted to play soccer again I admittedly took a long pause. 

A really long pause.

Really?  Where is this coming from? I didn't want to seem unsupportive but certainly had some concern.  A couple weeks ago, we ended his YMCA Gym & Swim classes with a belly, not into the pool, but with a whinny, glued-to-my leg, whimpering, mumbling 4 year-old on the sidelines as his group practiced their jumps into the deep end. 

After a long, deep, cleansing breathe for myself, Nicholas and I discussed the responsibilities of signing up for a sport.  I explained that his team would be depending on him to go to all practices and always put forth his best effort.  There's no whining on the field...and Mommy can't be out there with him.  He very agreeably assured me he "really, really, really wants to play soccer!"

Tonight was his first practice....and I couldn't have been more proud of him!

He was out there with all the other kids.  He followed directions, tried his best with each activity and even occasionally giggled with TJ while waiting in line.

He made all the parents on the sideline laugh when Coach Maggie said, "We're going to play a game to get to know everyone's name."  Nicholas assertively responded, "Well, I already know my name!"

We only had one minor meltdown when another boy insisted on keeping the only green ball.  Nicholas got really upset, since green is his favorite color and he had already used it for most of the practice.  With a little encouragement....and a peer who eventually gave up the ball I think just to make Nicholas stop complaining about it....Soccer 2011 was a success!

And the whole experience even ended with a green popsicle from coach!

Once in the car, Nicholas said, "I just love soccer!  I can't wait to come again tomorrow!"

Well, here's hoping his enthusiasm will last until next Thursday...
We have one more week of "practice" until the games start.  Each player is guaranteed to play at least half each game (....gulp)

Cotton Candy with Sprinkles, Please!

June 15th

Nicholas and Mommy had a memorable morning together.  After and speech eval and touring Main Street School where he'll attend for a summer program, Nicholas convincingly said, "Ya know Mommy, I think we should go get an ice cream at Big Dip since its really close to my summer camp school."

How could I resist that reasoning...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Up, up and away go the balloons!

After two years of attempting to watch the Jamesville Balloon Fest from afar, we finally, finally saw balloons!  We did an early bath night, got all settled in jammies and brought a picnic dinner to the east side of the lake.   All through dinner, the sky was empty.  Nicholas was incredibly bummed, since the weather seemed iffy all evening.  He scanned that skyline for any potential sign of a hot air balloon like it was his assignment!

After two years of repeatedly reading Nicholas' favorite book about Curious George going in a hot air balloon, William spotted his first balloon.

Nicholas was thoroughly impressed with the whole idea of people going in balloons.  Some of them even went right over our car and we could hear the burner.

Hopefully next year, we'll have the guts to tackle the festival and see the action close up.  I know the boys would love it.

Just Like Brother

June 16th
Every now and then, there's a few moments of quiet in the house.  This afternoon, Nicholas came across some old Christmas toy flyers and searched for items for his birthday wish list (yes, he knows the date of his birthday, knows that its after summer and even after Halloween....but between you and I, he has no clue what that all means as far as the passage of time).

It was so cute to hear him talking to himself about the toys....what he liked about each item, questions he'd mumble to himself like, "I wonder if that needs batteries?  Is that a remote?"

William looked on for a while only to dash over to my pile of magazines and grab his own reading material.

He plopped himself in the chair and babbled away to a upside down magazine.

Construction Site Detour

June 10th
On our weekly trip to Target's Pharmacy, we passed a foundation being poured in the neighborhood.  Nicholas screeched in excitement, "Mommy, stop the car!  I HAVE to check this out!"  Needless to say, we ended up staying for an hour and 20 minutes...

Nicholas is totally into all the construction vehicles... their proper names, knowing all about their functions and is desperately trying to figure out why they come in so many different colors.  (I think he suspects there's some sort of secret code that's hidden within the paint schemes.)

Loving everything his brother is interested in, William was game for the adventure too!

Nicholas begged to take over the camera, after accusing me I wasn't taking good pictures of the cement mixer trucks.  He's becoming quite the photog...

After numerous persuasions as to why the boys needed to be out of their carseats, I gave in...

and had one happy co-pilot!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The "Haap Buth!" Performance

June 12th
As William's birthday extravaganza continues on three weeks past his special day, his singing skills to himself are only getting more adorable with each repetition.  This morning, he requested a cupcake for breakfast...but before diving in to the goodness, a repeat performance of his "Haap Buth" (happy birthday) was in order.

Haap buth daaaay me.

Haap buth to me...

"Hmm hmm...buthhh to


"Haap buth to me.  YEAH!!!"

Traffic Jam

June 16th
In the middle of a chaotic day filled with medical stress and appointments for William, Nicholas quietly played with his vehicles.  I caught him categorizing each vehicle by purpose, as he was sorting out a neat line of construction site vehicles he "needed for his latest project job on the job site."

As I was late to rush William off to the doctor, capturing this moment of Nicholas just being a carefree kid truly made my day.

"Happy Birthday dear Grammmmy...."

June 15th
We had a beautiful spring evening to celebrate Grammy's 55th birthday.  We had a picnic dinner at a favorite park along the Seneca River. Nicholas and Gram explored around the river's edge... 

with Nicholas tossing in any natural treasures along the way.

William has been in Poppie-withdrawal as Poppie continues his intense knee replacement rehab.  Little William was in heaven as Poppie pushed him timelessly on the swing...

 and was always there to met him at the bottom of the playground equipment.

We have one excited boy awaiting boating season!

Our highlight of the night was clearly singing time.  William and Nicholas belted out their unique version of "Happy Birthday"...topped with their big blows.

Of course, we had to repeat the process one more time, since Mommy forgot the other number five candle.

Happy birthday to our very special, most loving Grammy!  You mean so very much to us all!