Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Welcome to Tim Hortons! Can I take your order?"

August 9, 2011
With so much going on, the little moments of this day gave me that quiet whisper that things will be okay for us.  

Nicholas is constantly coming up with hysterical play schemes.  With so much whirling lately between William's needs and all those things we shall refer to as "life management issues," Nicholas' need for complex, Mommy-help required play can be just another thing to attempt to juggle in the mix.  Of course his play includes complex directives often for me to tape random toys together in an effort to make a greater Nicholas-imagined device or him snatching items from the recycling bin only to convenience me that he can use the items RIGHT NOW instead of it being recycled into something different.  I have to admit though, when he instructed me to go behind the breakfast bar and then said, "Welcome to Tim Hortons!  Can I take your order now?"  I got in my much-needed, well-overdue laugh that cleansed this Momma's spirit.

With headphones on, a nice selection of small, medium and large cups and a variety of Keurig coffee selections, Nicholas was "Joan, the owner of the newest Tim Horton's store across the street from William's cancer hospital in New Nornk City!"

(for those that don't know the significance, Joan & Dave own our local Tim Horton's in Cicero and used to own the store at Golisano Children's Hospital.  They have become dear friends and are constantly extending their thoughtfulness with complimentary coffees and Tim Bits for us.  And Nicholas gets a little tongue tied with saying New York....its more of a New Nornk).

My little man even corrected my coffee order when he said, "No Mommy, you always get extra cream and two Splenda!"

Of course, once his Tim Horton's store was getting really busy, he hired "Pop" to help man the drive-thru orders. 

William was thoroughly amused with the whole production too!


Marian said...

What an imagination Nicholas has! I love seeing the pictures that you post!! I've said it before, but your boys are wonderful. :)

Alexis said...

Oh my goodness. Too funny!!! I'm glad you have such incredible boys to brighten your days and spirits! I don't think I could've stopped laughing and smiling all day... in fact, I'm bottling that image in my mind to keep for a rainy day myself! :) Much love to you and your boys!