Friday, March 2, 2012

Picture A Day Challenge #1

I've longed for a way to get back into find the joy I once had in snapping pictures of my boys, not stress over the lighting issues of our new home and the never-ending mess that will surely be in the background of every picture.  Coming across the Picture-a-Day March Challenge will hopefully be the encouragement I need right about now to rejuvenate my passion and spirits.

So, without further ado, today's challenge topic couldn't be more perfect....

"Something that makes you happy"

William was recently hospitalized on February 25th (his two-year anniversary of TPN dependency) through the 28th.  Nicholas was absolutely crushed when I told him William had to go to the hospital that Saturday morning, as was I.  The urgency of William going to the hospital literally comes out of the blue, no warning....and we are all left to just deal.  For a 5-year-old who has been tragically affected just as much as William and I over the past 2+ years of the illness roller coaster, this is a lot to handle.

After begging to come with William and I, crying unconsolably in the fetal position of our play tent that had just been assembled in the family room that morning, repeating over and over again that he just doesn't like being away from Mommy....  And then there was the best 5-year-old's attempt to pursuade me that he will help me take care of William at the hospital. Nicholas eventually calmed down after many attempts by all the adults to redirect his attention  (he was thankfully consumed with making a combine harvester out of TPN delivery boxes with Grammy, pictures to soon come).

The next day, one excited Nicholas beamed through William's hospital room to hand-deliver a special get-well card he made for his little brother.  He exclaimed, "I made it especially for you, it's me and you holding hands, William!"

These two brothers have an amazing connection between them.  Nicholas can interpret William's language the best of anyone - they almost remind me of the special connection twins have.  Nicholas is always William's best medicine and Nicholas just adores and protects his brother in every way.  Their relationship brings me inspiration...and hope in the reality that authentic and enduring relationships really can exist.

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Alexis said...

I'm so glad you're back blogging!!! I love the card Nicholas made for William, it just amazes me how thoughtful he is. Sounds like his Mama!!! <3