Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ready for Take Off!

We went to a model air show. There were lots of planes flying, including our neighbor's awesome performance.

Nicholas was psyched - there was so much to see everywhere you looked!

Our seats were not up close, but Nicolas glued himself to the gate.
Standing on the chair gave him the best viewing.

Nicholas was very attached to his Daddy, almost like he knew this was a "boy thing."

Daddy and Nicholas chatted with the flyers. They just had to be right in all the action.
There was a computer set-up with Flight Simuator. Nicholas was in awe of the big boys practicing their tricks.
Mommy's boys chased each other in circles.

There was even an ultra-light that dropped candy for all the kiddos. The DOTS were the perfect thing to get us home with a happy, but very over-tired toddler.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dominic Turns the Big 1!

Today we celebrated Dominic's first birthday in Oswego. It was also the day Nicholas chose to catch-up on some lacking sleep, so we got there just in time for the best part.....CAKE!
Dminic got lots of cool gifts, but his favorite seemed to be this shirt box. He love banging on it, opening and closing it. Too cute!
Dominic graciously shared his Grandma Talamo's attention, who found a bunch of ways to explore this Tonka truck with Nicholas. She also put up with Nicholas' fascination of the vent on top of Grandma Judy's house.
Dominic modeled this adorable sweater that has been handed down to all the boys of the Talamo family. It was originally Dominic's Great Uncle Matt's and was passed down to his Uncle C.J., Chad and his cousins. Dominic surely looked the cutest in it!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pajama Playdate!

With Labor Day weekend here and cooler temperatures, it seems like our fun summer is coming to a quick end. We could think of no better way to protest such occurrence than to stay in our jammies all day... and invite over some friends, of course.
Nicholas and Livi play really well together. Talk about parallel toddler play - whenever Nicholas would turn a page, Olivia had to check it out
...and vice versa.
Kalie came over in her jammies too!
We had "breakfast for lunch."
You should have heard all the shouts for "waffles" we were getting from this bunch!

Flashback Friday!

Can you believe its been a full year!
Nicholas was cruising in the walker.
His milk experience at the Fair was through a bottle (and yes, it was chocolate!)
With every Dillon visit to see Papa, the boys played with Aunt Elaine's tractor.
Nothing like a little topless jumping on a hot day.
And for some reason, of which I don't recall anymore, Nicholas had a bath in the kitchen sink!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shaking a Leg

Morning at the Zoo

Tueaday we went to the zoo with Olivia. These two are already into publicly displaying their affection.
Who knew animal sightings were so funny...
Livi seemed to think Nicholas was funnier than the animals....
What was so funny, you may ask?
the bear playing with his barrel!

Check out Olivia looking between the bear and Nicholas - she didn't know who to laugh at more!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Milk Taste Testing

It wouldn't be a trip to the Fair without the 25 cent cup of milk! We got Nicholas a cup of white and a cup of chocolate to see which one he likes the best.
Okay, got to go back to the white.
Oh, that chocolate is good!
I really have to think about this one.
This carried on and on - back and forth between the two. He drank them at nearly the same pace, sip for sip. Oh, he was in his glory!
My favorite part of the Fair!

State Fair!

We made our annual trip to the Great New York State Fair!
We got up close and personal with lots of animals...and worked on our animal noises too.

Nicholas took in all the sights & smells of the barns.
At the petting zoo, he checked every food dispenser looking for feed.
(can you believe Mommy and Daddy didn't have a single quarter to give him!)
If there was a dusting in the dispenser, he'd rub his hand in there and then let the animals lick his hand. He even resorted to picking up pellets from the ground when another boy dropped his handful. Nicholas really must have thought the animals were hungry!

It was tempting to break the rules, but we resisted.
He was really excited that the baby goats got a little feed dust from his hand.
We caught some of the sea lion show. Nicholas kept saying "Oh no!"
In the sheep barn, the 4-H kids were getting their picture taken with the animals. We thought it was hysterical, since the guy on the right was doing cartwheels and shaking noise makers to keep the attention of the sheep. Hmmm, a lot like the tricks we all use with kiddos!
Nicholas loved people watching. He was very patient in his stroller and did a super job holding hands when walking around. He went on and on about the "tac ters, corn (grilled corn on the cob), boons (balloons), tains (trains) and ice keem (ice cream)."
We couldn't miss seeing the butter sculpture. Nicholas said, "moon, ooooo, moon!"
He ran over to this ramp and could have entertained himself forever with his antics there.
We were up way past bedtime, but boy was it worth it - oh, and so was that delicious deep fried Oreo we shared!

DJ in Training

Nicholas found Daddy's headphones
I can hear the music now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ready for a Pint Glass!

Mommy and Daddy cringed when Nicholas ditched his straw tonight, but he sure impressed us. It may just be water, but he's got his bases covered for bigger and better things in the future!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Nicholas is shocking us lately with many of his new words. Saturday morning Mommy was on the laptop (which Nicholas thinks belongs to him - I think Sprint would disagree) and was not on his preferred sites. He then snuck his little finger in and went straight for the power button, shutting down everything. I no sooner had the chance to respond to this feat when he yelled, "I'm sorry..." followed by a whole bunch of babble that went on and on with huge crocodile tears.


Surely its just a short-lived phase, but he's also been super cuddly, almost clingy lately. After bath and books, we turn on his book on CD, his crib aquarium and I stand and rock him for a couple minutes for "snuggle-cuddle time." He's been talking so much lately, I've even had to tell him to stop talking for snuggle-cuddle time. Friday night, when I put him in the crib he grabbed his lovey Puppy and Bunny just as fast as he could, stood up with his arms toward me and said "snuggle cuddle." He had his head on my shoulder as soon as I had him picked up.

How priceless!

Belly Button Flashing and a Tractor Ride!

This afternoon, we went to our friends Jay & Carrie-Ann's annual picnic. Nicholas entertained everyone with flashing his belly button (where he got that idea, lord only knows - but it sure was cute).
"See, see."
too slow!

Nicholas noticed Jay's John Deere as soon as we pulled in. Then he brought me up to the garage on our walk. I told him he needed to go ask Daddy if he could sit on the tractor. Well, he remembered all that, went to Daddy and said "tac ter" and brought him up to it.
Now there's a happy boy!

After playing on the "tac ter" forever and missing the party in the backyard, Daddy finally pulled Nicholas off. Needless to say, he was not happy. (Daddy's sad face impression is only getting better.)
Jay graciously let us drive the tractor down to the party.
And Mommy and Daddy were able to socialize for once (yes, both socializing at the same time!) while Nicholas was in his glory on the "tac ter."