Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look Who's Back!

We're so excited that Dillon is back for a long visit, but really bummed Aunt Angela couldn't join the fun this time. We'll have to keep her well-stocked with pictures of our adventures.
Grandma had a cool gift waiting for Dillon - and he's been blowing bubbles ever since!
The boys played at our house today. Grandma did a great job managing them and even having the chance to get some pictures and video.
Go Grandma!

The tunnel was a huge hit!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Needs Quarters...

when its fun just to play in the arcade toys!
Nicholas was sure to bee-line straight to the rides while we were waiting with Livi & Brandi to join us for dinner.
Next stop, Friendly's!
Beep Beep!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Recognize Me?

BIG BOY Haircut!

After being mistaken for a girl 4 times over the past couple weeks (but who's counting) and having out-of-control hair, we knew it was time for the 2nd haircut! We decided to try Snipits, a place that specializes in kids haircuts!
Nicholas was really interested in all of the cool things there.
Okay, so the curls were rather crazy...I admit!
There was even a train table there.
Getting into the chair was a little challenging, but thankfully Mommy brought the sippy cup and the stylist gave Nicholas a DumDum sucker. We were golden after that!
These people know how to get kids to stay still - they play them a movie!
This is when Mommy's eyes filled up - seeing the curls on the floor. I was seriously asking myself why I included Daddy for this, since he voted for the "Big Boy" haircut.
Nicholas got the first glimpse of himself in the mirror and flipped out!
(Mommy's eyes fill up again!)...
...because now he looks so grown up!
(and even more like Daddy!)
Hmmm Daddy, seems like you need a trim too.
We enjoyed dinner at Moe's with our Big Boy!

My Daddy!

We were so excited this afternoon to receive some pictures Mema sent us of Daddy and Cousin Christopher (who Nicholas' middle name is after). Nicholas recognized Daddy from high school right away!
"Daddy! Daddy!"
Thanks Mema, what a fun surprise!

Watercolors Artist

Nicholas found his arts & crafts stuff this afternoon and was all excited to paint. I'm happy I was able to 'talk him into' painting with water instead of the real paints he initially pulled out.

Watercolors were fun, but then he wanted the markers (who will have to find a new hiding location!).
This video clip is for Mommy's OT friends!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner Picnic at the Park

This afternoon, we headed to Onondaga Lake Park for a picnic cookout.
Nicholas got to chase the seagulls away.
Our picnic table was right next to a playground - with a swing set.
You know who was all excited about that!

Nicholas has recently found the fun in twisty slides, and went straight for this really high one. I was sure he'd back away once he realized how high he was, but did it all on his own - and repeated it like 2 dozen times!
It was seriously tall!

We walked along the shore and watched boats.
Nicholas found plenty of treasures.
"See, shell!"
(really, where did he get that word from?)
He loved dumping handfuls of gravel over his head.
Off for dinner - with his new found stick!

Relyea Cinema's First Kiddo Movie

Nicholas is always rummaging through the videos in the entertainment unit - and lately has been rather interested in the Curious George movie that Aunt Michele and Chelsea gave us for a shower gift. Daddy was a huge "Torge" fan when he was little, so Aunt Michele knew Daddy's little man would need a George collection of his own.
When Nicholas pulled out the movie this weekend, I thought it was the perfect afternoon for his first Relyea Cinema experience. Up until now, the theater room has been forbidden (at Daddy's request).
He was horrified to see the screen come you know what that meant - Mommy had to grab the camera!
Once the menu was up, he seemed rather excited.
Would you believe he sat through the entire full-length flick!
He was completely awe-struck and kept pointing to the side speakers when he'd hear sounds through them.

I think he'll be forever in love with that DVD case now.

Afterwards, Daddy let Nicholas press the remote button to put up the screen.

"Hmmm, I don't think I liked that!"

"Down" Daddy!

After all the nervousness at the beginning of the movie, he sure was really upset when it was finished. Now we'll just wait to see how long it will take him to head downstairs on his own and master that fancy remote.

Its A Bird, Its A Plane..., just Daddy carrying Nicholas away from the FedEx plane.
Saturday we had a picnic lunch at the airport observation area to snoop at the "air panes."
Nicholas loves to run around and point at the planes.
He even picked Mommy some "fowers."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Playing with toes was better than toys!

Nicholas was finding ways to move around.

And he discovered the fun of bubbles!