Friday, February 29, 2008

This one is for Dillon & Angela

Here's our morning routine from our perspective. We love you guys!

Flashback Friday!

Snuggle bug on the Boppy
Nicholas met his Great Papa for the first time
(he seemed comfortable with him, would you say?)

Dillon was in town this week last year and spent 4 days with us. This shot was taken right before they were leaving for MA - who looks sadder here?

(and could their heads be any more similar?)

Nicholas was loving the airplane move (and those silly wrist rattles)!

Just us

I had a lunch date today with my little man...
and he helped put out the Easter decorations (okay, I should really tell the truth - he napped for over 2 hours, giving me plenty of time to decorate...but he was absolutely adorable when he came downstairs and walked all around pointing out every decoration and talking to each bunny in the house.)
Nicholas was so cute with this Rubbermaid bin - he used it like his own personal table. He brought toys over to play on it and kept his drink there with him. He always had a huge smile on his face when he was at it. I really think he liked the idea of his own tabletop space.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Builder

Just recently, Nicholas has really gotten into building. He's getting pretty good now - and is able to build a tower with these blocks when I hand them to him in order.
Look at the intense concentration!
Eventually, his tower gets so tall he has to stand up.

"Oh no!"
"Good save!"
When they all fall down, its always fun to see how many he can fit into the biggest block.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lunch with my man...

I miss the locks already
(these were taken before the trim....can't you tell!)

First Haircut!

We're off to the salon for a first haircut!
Even though Nicholas may not have a full head of locks, things were getting a little straggly and perhaps a trim will help things grow fast (there's positive hoping!).
Nicholas was quite interested to figure out what was happening behind the desk...

"Maybe I should just hold onto this chair and pretend I didn't hear my name called."
He loved the ride in the chair and kept checking himself out in the mirror.
Debbie said lolly pops always work for kids - but my guy just wanted her styling products.
"Hey, what you doing over there, Debbie?"
Eventually he took the sucker, but always kept a close eye on Debbie's every move.
"Just don't cut off my curls back there - the ladies go nuts for them!"
"Oh my, look how handsome I look! "

Look how serious he was! I guess I wouldn't expect anything different from my little man!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A visit with Great Grandmother

We ended our busy weekend with a long overdue visit with Great Grandmother Doubles. We found her doing very well, dressed beautifully and Nicholas even got to enjoy dinner with her (if eating her ice cream sundae and a Little Debbie snack cake counts as his dinner - it sure did that night!).
Here she's doing everything she can to get Nicholas to smile for the camera. Unfortunately its been a while since she's raised a toddler and doesn't remember what its like to have him out and about during "witching hour" (not to mention the fact that her TV was tuned to the Disney channel - who knew she was a fan!).
We love you Grandmother!

Sunny Sunday!

What a beautiful day it was Sunday...just perfect for a horse-drawn sleigh ride!
As usual, Nicholas adored the horses, belly laughing full force.

Away we went!
Nicholas payed close attention to the horses pulling us.
It was hard to keep him contained in our arms (which was a complete necessity with the size of the horses' droppings all around us). He'd do anything to jump down and go love the horses!

The Surprise is on Ciara!

"Saturday night the family had a huge, fun surprise party to celebrate Ciara's 10th birthday! I brought my "booon" from lunch for the special occasion! It worked out perfectly tied to my wrist, the crowd could see me coming!"
"What do we have here? I found the jackpot of buttons - a phone AND the biggest remote I've ever seen!"
"I could have some serious fun here, Uncle Charlie!"
"I also was able to catch-up on the latest issues of Real Simple. My strategy brings new light to the idea of speed reading."
"The Birthday Girl and I played bells on the stairway...
...I just loved the echo effect in their big staircase."
What a fun party! The topper was, I got to stay up until 9!
Happy Birthday Ciara!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday!

The many faces of a 3-month old.

Oh, the fun we've had on that changing table!

A Lunchdate with Daddy

"Check out my latest 'first' - a ride on the escalator!"
"Oh, it was so exciting!"
"At lunch, I even got my own big boy cup and straw - definitely the highlight of the day for me!"
"What a perfect place to enjoy a drink!"

A Little Romp In the Snow

Finally, a day when we could play outside!
It's either been way too cold, windy or both all week (not to mention the road rash incident of Tuesday- Nicholas' cheek is finally healing from that outing disaster!).
As usual, Nicholas laughed hysterically at Zoey running like a madwoman around the yard...
...and enjoyed an exhausting sled ride courtesy of Mommy (who adds the exhausting point of view).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching up from Monday

With Grandma on vacation this week, we got to spend the day with her on Monday.
I found this adorable puppy purse...
"Please Grandma, this one won't poop or shed!"
Then we all took a spin on the carousel.

What a fun day Grandma! Thanks for lunch and the company.