Monday, June 29, 2009

Even Steven

After snapping a picture of William, Nicholas is quick to remind me "take pictures of me too!"

Home for 5 Weeks

5 weeks ago we brought little William home in this outfit weighing less than 8 pounds. Now at nearly 12 pounds, today will certainly be the last time he wears it!

William is up to 23.25 inches long and one happy, cuddly boy!

More Father's Day Pics

While shopping for fishing pole gadgets for Poppie's Father's Day gift, Nicholas threw his first big tantrum in a store over wanting something. He repeated time and time again, "give me that fishing pole....I need it....please!" He was rather hesitant to even show it to Poppie, reminding us it was his fishing pole.

Grammy's pond fish will never feel as secure after the assault of the boys fishing poles!

Dillon gives his lil' cousin a tow up the incline back to Poppie's house.

Poppie with his two oldest grandboys.

Boys on Bikes!

Here's the "assault" previously referred to.

Dadoo Pics of his Boo

Outdoors Playdate

With all the rain we've had lately, we've tried our best to squeeze in outdoor fun whenever possible. Kalie and Nicholas were too cute cuddled on the tire swing -

while Baby Erica enjoyed the shade.

We just love our Monday morning playdates with the girls - its the perfect way to start off the week!


We made smores at Grammy & Poppie's house!
First we were off to get the firewood from Poppie's barn.

The boys waited so patiently on their "couch" while Daddy prepared the perfect roasting coals.

Could those two boys be even cuter?

William got to cuddle with Grammy for his first campfire.

In the end, the boys seemed to enjoy eating uncooked marshmallows more than roasted ones, but the experience was one we'll never forget!

Ice Cream for Lunch!

You could say our family is hooked on ice cream!
As always, Nicholas managed to snag someone's goods with his infamous, "I just want to try it a little."

William was there too for the fun!

First Wedding

At 5 weeks old, William attended his first wedding (by complete default that Mommy wasn't ready to leave him). Cousin Billy and Carrie looked fabulous coming down the aisle...

while William slept oh so peacefully.

Our little man had the perfect outfit ready to wear, but he pooped through it even before leaving the house! That's my boy!

Is that all I get?

William sucks on his bottom lip and gives puppy dog eyes when his meal is over - its really precious!

Will's Newest Trick

William is more interested in checking out his world and holding his head up. The other day he was so happy to be sitting up with the help of a pillow - that is until I managed to get out the camera!
"I've had enough, Mommy!"

"I hope you're not commenting on me busting out of this outfit!"

"Come on...isn't it time to eat again?!"

Happy Boy on the Changing Table

William strikes a pose with his ATNR reflex (yes, Mommy loves watching every little bit of development).

My Poppie and Grammy!

"Hey, that's my Poppie!"

Looks like Dillon won this round...

Meanwhile, William had Grammy all to himself - in his favorite position!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, What a Night....

Everyday we thank William for being such a good baby! Last night, at just under 5 weeks old, he slept from 9:30pm to 3:30am. I nearly croaked when realizing how long it had been, but at the same time, oh so thankful for the wonderful sleep!

Mommy truly appreciates this gift, even if it hasn't been repeated since.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loving the Sunlight

A Few Extra Bubbles

Daddy has been a huge help when it comes to putting Nicholas to bed. He's even come up with an inventive means of combining fun, bedtime routine and a means of burning off some pre-bedtime energy...its called a hot tub bath!

Just add a dollop of shampoo to your hair and jump in the big tub!

Nicholas is our little "Yanni of the tub controls."

(you know him and buttons!)

Just Hangin'

William just loves facing forward in the carrier. It sure helps us get through the hairy early evening time.

Little Artist - Big Mess!

Nicholas has been begging to paint lately, so I finally gave in. Little did I expect William to have a poop explosion once the paints were out, leaving big brother on his own. Lets just say there was green paint everywhere and an empty bottle in the family room!

He was so excited through it all though!

My little pooper sporting outfit #2 of the day!

First Shorts!

After a month of wearing sleepers, its finally time to show off some of those chubs!

Is that a smile I see, William?