Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you think we're too big for this set?

Nicholas & Livi hit the playset and seemed a little frustrated with the proportions of them to the set. Maybe we need Daddy and Grandpa to build us something bigger?!

When it started to sprinkle, we had to make a run for the indoors. Nicholas pouted at the window saying "rain rain." Olivia thoughts on the situation: "Oh no!"

(she was very upset Nicholas was taking the situation so hard)

Flashback Friday!

~ still eating on the table in the Bumbo ~

Oh that tongue!
Nicholas gobbled up Dillon's Baptism invitation - literally!
How exciting it was to play while sitting up independently.

Hangin' with Daddy -
what a monkey face!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My corn needs to be on the cob now!

Tonight Mommy did her usual cutting the corn off the cob for her and Nicholas...until he notice Daddy eating his corn on the cob. He made a few priceless looks and kept pointing to the extra ear of corn saying "cornnn." How was I supposed to know he'd be a cob lover!
Each bite he took got more and more effective at getting a mouth-full of the yumminess.
His favorite part was picking up the ear, taking a bite and putting it back down each and every time.
Let's just say he had an entire 'yellow' dinner - cheese and corn!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bring out the Red, White & Blue

We were all excited for the Memorial Day parade this morning. Nicholas had a great opportunity to work on his development of "patience," as Mommy & Daddy went through their entire bag of tricks for making time pass.
Once the parade started and a huge orange Tootsie Pop landed right in front of Nicholas (of which he knew exactly what to do with - hmmm, where did he learn that?) - it made the long wait all worthwhile.

That Tootsie Pop lasted him over an hour (note to self)!
Hi firemen!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hat Day for the Boys!

Nicholas' observation skills are growing everyday. Today, he thought Daddy's "Life Is Good" grilling guy was just hysterical.
"Daddy, what's he got to smile so big about?"
"Want to see a hat trick?"
"Something tells me this isn't a size 18-24 months!"
"No way Daddy, this is not how I wear my hat!"

So glad its warm (finally)!

With the beautiful weather of this Memorial Day weekend, we went to buy our annuals. Nicholas kept Daddy busy running up and down the rows of flowers and this game of "so big" in the parking lot. Daddy gave an in-depth lesson on water physics.
Nicholas was surely enlightened, since we spent half the morning getting soaked at the water table.
Ahhh, the perfect way to end a great day - a good ride on the swings!

Hey Cousins!

Saturday evening we went to Oswego to see the Harrington cousins from PA. The little boys all played a chaotic game of hide-and-seek - a game Nicholas proved to be super good at, since nothing gets by him (oh, maybe that had something to do with the fact he'd follow the hider!).
"I found you Collin!"
After dinner, Nicholas and baby Dominic got to share spoon tricks. Dominic has a really neat one where he taps his 2 new teeth - way to go Dominic!
Ciara was the best big cousin, as usual, keeping a close eye on the busy 4 cousin under 4 years old.
Thank goodness Nicholas had a lot of house to explore, since the curvy open staircase at Aunt Patty's house was pretty tempting.
Needless to say, our attempts at a group cousin shot was rather unsuccessful - but it sure was great to see Collin, Max and Dominic!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Way too much fun with Grandma

With Grandma off from work today, she volunteered to come over and watch Nicholas when Mommy had an appointment.
From the looks of these shots she shared, it looks like they had way too much fun together.

Thanks Grandma!

Flashback Friday!

We must have had a really hot day this time last year, because Nicholas was in his jumperoo with just a onesie on - and lovin' it!
This was his phase of sticking out his tongue - here it is again.
Nicholas was just starting to really examine sister Zoey - now he can't get enough of walking her.
And we all experienced an introduction to anger management. Tantrums of today look a little different and involve him on the floor kicking (and nearly always center around not going outside).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This past week -

Little snipits of life lately.


Monday, May 19, 2008

I really don't like my tuna noodle casserole... how about a game of peek-a-boo for dinner, instead!
After a long, cold day in the house (and a very unsuccessful dinner), we decided to go get our first gelato of the season.
Nicholas warmly welcomed a spoonful from Daddy,
but soon insisted on feeding himself all on his own.

Zoey Kisses

Sunday afternoon, we had our friends, The Evans Family, over for a long over-due visit. Hunter and Brayden just loved Zoey - and she just loved up all the attention they gave her. Nicholas showed his friends how to really give Zoey a kiss!
And I think Zoey was expecting the same from the boys!
Nicholas and Brayden are just a month apart. They had so much fun taking turns walking up and down the blue wedge. Wouldn't you figure Mommy's therapy toys would prove to be the most exciting things in the house!

You know there's trouble brewing...

...when it gets quiet!
Saturday afternoon when Mommy was talking to Grandma, things seemed to be tooooo quiet all the sudden. Sure enough, Nicholas was over near the dog bowls (the typical site of trouble), but this time, he was a lot more creative than the usuals - filling the water bowl with Zoey's dry food, or our personal favorite - him snacking on Zoey's food.
It seems as though Nicholas found the gum in my purse and placed his "treasure" in the cut glass appetizer bowl from the island cupboard.
Where do they come up with this stuff!??!

"Yummy, paper and all!"

Fried dough season again

Saturday morning we got out to the Farmer's Market. Mommy now has even more competition to share her fried dough with...and his name is Nicholas!
He sure enjoyed his 4" piece in record time! Certainly a little different than last summer when he sucked on a little piece for the entire tour of the market.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie Sue, its your birthday! How old are you now?

"If you looked at my finger, you'd see I'm now the Big 1!"
Katie was so adorable in her princess dress for this special occasion.
She was sure to eat her cake neatly.

What got our guy so excited at Katie's party? All the balloons, of course!

Thanks Amy for letting him take one home. He hasn't let go of it since (seriously!)

What a face Daddy captured!

Happy Birthday Katie girl! We had such a nice time celebrating with you and can't wait to see all your adventures of this next year!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday!

An ice cream lover from the beginning
Daddy and his Mini-me
Oh those days of sleeping and discovering new body parts...