Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Climber Strikes Again...

This boy has no fear....he runs, he climbs, he has been caught many times putting a step stool on the couch to attempt some sort of death defying act...and he insists on doing things "me" (as in me do.)  This day, William got himself into Nicholas' chair for breakfast.  He had pulled out the chair, climbed in as if climbing a ladder, then yelled to Nicholas and I in the kitchen with a grunty "ME!"   

Last Day of Park Hill Preschool

June 21
Thanks to Nicholas' "best friend" Diamond at Park Hill Preschool,we dealt with a minor reality breakdown when Nicholas confronted me with the question, "Mommy, why did Diamond say I'm stupid and not going to kindergarten next year?"  So, after a long discussion, we eventually had an excited Nicholas who will attend "summer camp at Main Street School" and who will start "Kindergarten Prep" in the fall....(phew, crisis diverted!)

Poppie joined us for the afternoon of Nicholas' last day at Park Hill Preschool.  Nicholas was so proud of himself getting off the bus that day.  He turned to his bus driver on  the last step and said, "Bye Ted.  I'll miss you!  Drive safely!" 

Poppie brought us all out for a special ice cream, just like my Papa used to do on our last day of school.  Nicholas chose the ice cream stand, telling Poppie, "You will love Big Dip because they have a giant chocolate and vanilla twist on top of the building and that's your favorite!"

Poppie and our little Graduate

Thursday, July 14, 2011

There's some pearly whites!

This boy may have every single specialists under the sun but I'll tell you one thing, he doesn't need a dentist!  He loves to brush his teeth....

or shall I specify he loves to eat toothpaste!

Workin it from every angle ~ he does everything to keep his pearly whites looking perfect.


Perhaps we should be asking how much toothpaste is too much, but I have a feeling someone won't like the answer.

Oh, and don't ask me why he was wearing his sunglasses while in the morning room.  William basically runs his own show around here, now that he's two, you know.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Soccer League: Revisited with Success!

June 30th

Not to bring up a bad subject, but lets face it, last spring, we had a couple really unsuccessful (nearly traumatic) attempts at sports for Nicholas.  Mini Shooters was rather painful for Nicholas and Mommy....and I can't even begin to think about gymnastics (I'm still trying to erase that from permanent memory).  When Nicholas out-of-the-blue told me he wanted to play soccer again I admittedly took a long pause. 

A really long pause.

Really?  Where is this coming from? I didn't want to seem unsupportive but certainly had some concern.  A couple weeks ago, we ended his YMCA Gym & Swim classes with a belly, not into the pool, but with a whinny, glued-to-my leg, whimpering, mumbling 4 year-old on the sidelines as his group practiced their jumps into the deep end. 

After a long, deep, cleansing breathe for myself, Nicholas and I discussed the responsibilities of signing up for a sport.  I explained that his team would be depending on him to go to all practices and always put forth his best effort.  There's no whining on the field...and Mommy can't be out there with him.  He very agreeably assured me he "really, really, really wants to play soccer!"

Tonight was his first practice....and I couldn't have been more proud of him!

He was out there with all the other kids.  He followed directions, tried his best with each activity and even occasionally giggled with TJ while waiting in line.

He made all the parents on the sideline laugh when Coach Maggie said, "We're going to play a game to get to know everyone's name."  Nicholas assertively responded, "Well, I already know my name!"

We only had one minor meltdown when another boy insisted on keeping the only green ball.  Nicholas got really upset, since green is his favorite color and he had already used it for most of the practice.  With a little encouragement....and a peer who eventually gave up the ball I think just to make Nicholas stop complaining about it....Soccer 2011 was a success!

And the whole experience even ended with a green popsicle from coach!

Once in the car, Nicholas said, "I just love soccer!  I can't wait to come again tomorrow!"

Well, here's hoping his enthusiasm will last until next Thursday...
We have one more week of "practice" until the games start.  Each player is guaranteed to play at least half each game (....gulp)

Cotton Candy with Sprinkles, Please!

June 15th

Nicholas and Mommy had a memorable morning together.  After and speech eval and touring Main Street School where he'll attend for a summer program, Nicholas convincingly said, "Ya know Mommy, I think we should go get an ice cream at Big Dip since its really close to my summer camp school."

How could I resist that reasoning...