Monday, July 30, 2012

Construction Awe

As Grammy was driving through the village, she called to give us a heads up of some major construction repair going on right down our street.  Knowing how much the boys would love watching the real guys in action, we of course had to head down.  I asked Nicholas to check the mailbox, assured he would notice the flashing lights down the street.  Seconds later, following the squeals from the porch, he darted in the house straight to his hardhat and vest, babbling he needed to go check out the problem...

Nicholas could have stayed there trough the final step (as it was, he got rained on).  He is purely fascinated with all things construction... knows all the machines/vehicles/terminology....and is holding on to his future career destiny as "a construction worker."  I just love his excitement for this!

Who needs entertainment when you live in the village?

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